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Are All Water Filters Created Equally?

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Clean water is essential to your family’s health, and great-tasting water makes drinking much more pleasurable. Foul-smelling water can make showering and drinking an unpleasant experience, even when the water is perfectly safe. Many homeowners use water filters to ensure clean and clear water for their families, but not all water filters are created equally. Different water filters do different jobs, and some work better than others. Choosing the correct water filter will help ensure your individual water needs are met.

The Benefits of Using a Water Filter

Water can contain harmful contaminants and even parasites. Using the right filter can prevent lead, bacteria, parasites, and other unwanted items from ending up in your drinking water. Some of the contaminants found in well water can cause health problems such as gastrointestinal upset, infection, and lead poisoning. Excess minerals and metals can also lead to stains and discoloration around water fixtures.

Types of Water Filters

Some water filters remove contaminants like a strainer, only allowing water and certain other substances to pass through. However, some of these filters still allow harmful bacteria to come through. Others filter out helpful and healthy minerals, preventing all the benefits that come with them. Fluoride, the mineral found in toothpaste, is sometimes removed from the water when using specific filtration methods.

A few options for filtering water include sanitization systems and carbon filter processes, however, using a multi-step system provides the most significant benefits and the cleanest water.

Point of Use Treatment Water Filter

Point of use filtration (POA) decontaminates water immediately before leaving the tap. It can be highly beneficial due to the reduced possibility of water being contaminated while traveling through pipes. Water that is filtered before entering a home’s plumbing system might not be the same water running into your drinking glass. Over time, pipes can accumulate sludge, providing the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Lead and other metals can also be found inside plumbing. As water passes through, it picks up these contaminants, and they flow together out of your faucet.

GAC Filters

GAC, or Granular Activated Carbon, filters work by attracting chemicals to the activated carbon, where they are eradicated. This is an effective form of water filtration. However, it does not address every water concern. Homeowners experiencing hard water or water with a metallic taste will not benefit from using this type of filtration. Understanding which water problems you would like to address is vital to choosing the appropriate filtration system.

UV Disinfection

If your primary concern is bacteria and viruses that might be found in water, UV disinfection is a good option. Properly executed, this process can eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria without using dangerous chemicals. This system still allows healthy minerals to pass through, unlike many other water filtration options.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

Reverse osmosis is often used by water treatment plants. It is another effective option for providing clean drinking water. This process can remove harmful chemicals while still allowing beneficial minerals to exist in your tap. But it does not do much in the aspect of softening water. Homeowners experiencing discolored laundry or fixtures should opt for a water-softening treatment instead.

Best Water Filters in South Florida

Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can meet your water filtration needs and offer many options including, UV sanitization systems and a six-step reverse osmosis filtering process. We have a wide selection of budget-friendly water filtration services available to homes in South Florida. If you do not know which type of water filter you need, our experts can help you determine which option fits your individual situation. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


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