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5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Water Heater Repairs

water heater repair
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Your water heater is an essential appliance in your home and learning how to save money on repairs can help your bottom line over time. There are many ways to save money on maintaining or repairing your water heater, including:

Service your water heater

To maintain your water heater, you should have it serviced by a professional plumbing company. If you have hard water or water that has a lot of minerals, your water heater will need to be flushed as part of your maintenance service call – this means your tank is emptied out and refilled with clean water.

Consider an upgrade for energy savings

If your water heater is old then maybe a water heater replacement is a better option than repair. Our professional team can guide you on the best type of water heater for your home or business. We can install the latest in energy-efficient water heater technology that can save you money on your utility bills.

Get a good warranty

Always purchase appliances that come with a good warranty from the manufacturer, promising to repair or replace, if necessary, within a specified period of time.

Ask for a referral

A referral is when someone recommends a product or company to you.  It typically means they have used the company and had a good experience with them.  If the referral comes from someone you know and trust then there should be no harm in having them examine your water heater.

 Read the reviews

Reviews are a great tool to hear what other customers are saying about a company.  They often attest to a company’s reliability and can give you insight into how they treat their customers.

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Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric has been serving South Florida businesses and homeowners and their water heaters since 1983. We are proud to have over 50,000 5-Star reviews to prove it.

Our water heater services include:

  • Water heater repair or maintenance
  • Water heater installation or replacement

Water heaters are often forgotten about until they need repair or when they break down. Don’t wait until you wake up to a cold shower one day, call out team at 1-800-475-1504 and have your water heater serviced today.


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