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Why Pursue A Career As A Professional Electrician?

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Society is totally dependent on electricity, yet very few people realize how intricate the electrical system is, or the specialized skills that a person needs to be able to work with electricity. If you have a passion for finding out how things work and are interested in acquiring a new life skill, then pursuing a career as a professional electrician is something you should explore.

Six Reasons You Would Want To Pursue An Electrical Career

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the trade industry, there are numerous options available, but few have the advantages that come with entering a career in the electrical trade. Some of these reasons include:

1. It Is A Challenging And Interesting Career

An electrician is required to perform a range of different tasks, and no job or call out is the same. An electrician must be able to:

  • Have the theoretical and practical skills necessary to carry out the task required.
  • Have the knowledge and ability to diagnose the reason behind an electrical fault.
  • Be familiar with the health and safety regulations in the field.
  • Be familiar with the building codes of the state they are working in.
  • Be able to perform a variety of tasks including:
    • Electrical installations
    • Tracing and isolating the electrical fault
    • Electrical inspections

2. It Is A Highly Respected Career

The professional electrical trade is very respected because the average person understands that:

  • It is a highly technical skill.
  • It is a potentially dangerous field and an area where “Do It Yourself” is never recommended.
  • It is continually changing and requires up to date knowledge of the latest electrical developments, codes, and regulations.
  • The electrical technician has skills that can be used in a variety of different fields including:
    • Commercial properties
    • Residential properties
    • Industrial buildings
    • Mining
    • The environmental field – Green or Solar Energy
    • Electrical Automation
    • Manufacturing
    • Energy and water supply

3. The Working Environment Changes Almost Every Day

If you don’t enjoy sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, or behind a mountain of paperwork, a career in the electrical trade may be for you. Depending on the size of the task, an electrician may at times be required to work indoors and/or outdoors, at different premises, and with different people almost every day.

4. You Acquire Work Experience And You Get Paid While You Study

A very big advantage of studying the electrical trade is that you work on-site and get paid as an apprentice while you study. Once qualified, you can then start your career with the on-the-job experience you gained while studying, without a student loan debt that needs to be repaid.

5. With A Career In The Electrical Trade Industry You Acquire A Life Skill

When you choose to pursue a career in the electrical trade industry, you are acquiring a trade and a life skill. You will be a constant source of advice to colleges and friends because this is a field where “Do It Yourself” is not advised. You will also be able to branch out into industries like property development or buying, renovating, and selling old homes, where your skills as an electrician are invaluable.

6. The Electrical Trade Industry Provides Job Security

In these difficult times, not many people have the luxury of having job security, but because society is dependent on electricity, an electrician’s services are in constant demand. Pursuing a career as a professional electrician gives you the peace of mind that no matter where you go in the world and whether you work for a boss or are self-employed, you will always be able to earn an income.

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