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Uniform Proud – Patriotic to APACE

Uniform Proud
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When we think about uniforms, usually we imagine men and women who serve patriotically in the armed forces, police force, and emergency services like firefighters and EMS. All these people take immense pride in wearing their uniforms. We often overlook uniforms worn by other industries, such as plumbing, HVAC, and electric. Here at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we have the same sense of pride in our uniforms. Not only do they show who an individual works for, but they also have several other benefits!

Customer Benefits

It is often easy to forget that uniforms serve actual purposes and benefits! APACE takes pride in providing quality service to our customers.

  • Visibility

    Our uniforms allow customers to immediately recognize APACE employees. They exhibit to our valued customers that we not only uphold ourselves to certain standards of dress and professionalism, we are also proud to be part of the APACE team. This is beneficial when you see team members outside of work because it keeps our name and brand fresh in your mind.

  • Safety

    We live in a society where we must be hyper aware of our security and surroundings. Even with trusted companies, customers are still letting strangers into their home. APACE uniforms let our customers know at once who is at their door. Surprisingly, crime rates also drop when there are service trucks and uniformed employees in the area due to the sense of authority.

APACE Benefits

We are not only proud of our uniforms but also for the benefits they provide to our company and our employees. At APACE, we pride ourselves on treating employees like our family.

  • Team Pride

    Donning the APACE uniform instantly makes our employees part of a team who holds the same ambitious standards when it comes to our services. As uniforms increase the sense of unity and bonding, it also helps to increase productivity levels! When our team is all wearing the same uniform, it evens the playing field and allows everyone to achieve their full potential as equals.

  • Professionalism

    When our team proudly dress in our uniforms, they feel calmer and more confident in their duties due to their professional presentation. Where many companies who do not require them from the teams focus on socioeconomic focus on clothing, uniforms take away that focus and instead places it on performance. In short, if you look professional, you will act professionally. Our uniforms also save our team money and time each year because they do not have to worry about picking out or buying work clothing.

  • Branding

    When employees wear uniforms that stand out, it is easier to differentiate them from similar businesses. Uniforms also work as a sort of walking billboard when worn in public as it promotes our services wherever we are! Establishing a strong and positive brand identity allows APACE to provide our current and future clients a proud and trustworthy image which turns into mutual loyalty.

  • Safety

    While there are so many other benefits, one of the most practical advantages is that of safety to the employee. Our uniforms provide protection from the elements any team member of APACE may run into while servicing plumbing, air conditioning, or electric. We take pride in providing a healthy work environment for the APACE team.

From the patriotic men and women serving our country to the APACE team, uniforms provide a great sense of pride. For Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, our uniforms do so much more than just protect us on the job. They represent the high standards and service quality we have been providing our customers for over 35 years.


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