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The Most Rewarding Trade Industry Careers

Trade Industry Careers
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Many people grow up with the idea that college is necessary to succeed in life. To be sure, a college degree is necessary for many careers, such as those in the medical or education fields. But college isn’t the right fit for everyone, for a variety of reasons. People who are unsure if college is the right life choice may want to look into the possibility of a trade career before investing thousands of dollars into a degree they may not use. Learn more about successful trade industry careers to determine the right track for your future.

Rewarding Trade Careers

Any trade profession can help you learn useful skills while earning a healthy wage. But if you’re curious about the most successful trade industry careers out there, here are some of the top picks:

  • Plumbing

    Just about every home and building has plumbing that gets used multiple times a day. From cooking, to showering, to laundry, to using the toilet, plumbing is a significant part of our lives. A malfunctioning washer or sink drain can spell big disaster if not tended to right away. That’s where you would come in – you would not only install or maintain such appliances, but also repair them. Plumbing apprentices start getting paid during training and can earn as much as $100,000 per year.

  • HVAC Technician

    This trade career involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of heaters, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. These appliances keep us fed, warm, or cool, and thus are critical for a comfortable quality of life. In the United States, the average income for HVAC technicians is around $25 an hour.

  • Electrician

    Electricity is something that we can’t live without. Our jobs depend on it. We’re always in touch with our friends and family, especially during the pandemic, via devices that require electricity to power up and charge. You wouldn’t be able to read this article without an electrician!

    There are a staggering number of electrician jobs out there, with interior and exterior work environments. If you choose this career path, you can expect an income that’s higher than average, and includes on-the-job training that is also compensated. Electricians can earn between $35,000 and $68,000 annually, depending on the state.

The Benefits Of Trade Industry Careers

Aside from learning useful skills that will follow you for life, here are a few additional reasons to consider this track for work:

  • No Student Debt

    Even with scholarships, college degrees are pricey. Many people end up paying off student loan debt for decades after they graduate. But trade schools are far more affordable.

  • Paid Training

    Rather than paying a university to participate in an internship, trade careers offer on-the-job training that pays you for your efforts.

  • Stable Income

    Entry-level jobs for college graduates don’t always offer a living wage. But trade careers tend to pay just as much as other jobs, if not more – and no college degree is required.

Learn More About Trade Industry Careers

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