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How To Become An Electrician in South Florida

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Have you decided that sitting in an office, staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day, is not for you? Are you wanting to obtain a qualification, but get paid while you study? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a career in the trade industry may be just what you are looking for.

In these times, where job security is vital, more high school graduates are considering careers in the trade industry, especially in the electrical field. Would you like to know if you qualify, what it entails, or how becoming an electrician would benefit you, then you have come to the right place.

The Journey To Becoming A Qualified Electrician In Florida

It’s important to do research before deciding to become an electrician as it will take many hours in a classroom and on-site before you attain your goal.

Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What does an electrician do?
  • Is it what I’m interested in, or do I just see it as a source of income?
  • Do I qualify to enter the electrical program?

Once you have answered these questions, and you still want to pursue this route, your journey to becoming a qualified electrician will begin.

The Apprenticeship

To enter an electrical apprenticeship program, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a high school diploma with algebra as a subject passed or GED.
  • Submit necessary documents like transcripts, driver’s license.
  • Be physically fit.
  • Be willing to do an aptitude test that will include reading, comprehension, and algebra.
  • Pass an oral interview.

During your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to obtain your supervised work experience via a technical college, or via a union/non-union apprenticeship program. You will be ready to write your journeyman certification exam after:

  • 8000 documented electrical experience hours (about 4 years)
  • 144 classroom instruction hours per year.

The Journeyman Certification Exam

Once you have obtained the necessary practical and classroom hours, you will be eligible to apply for and write the Journeyman certification exam. This certificate is issued by municipalities, so you will have to contact the local Construction Trade Qualified Board for the specific details of your municipality.

Obtaining Master Electrician Certification

To qualify to write the Master’s Electrician Certification exam, you must have the Journeyman certification for a minimum of two to four years. Master electricians have advanced knowledge and more work experience, so can obtain residential work permits in various counties.

The Benefits Of Becoming A Licensed Electrician In South Florida

It takes many years of hard work and dedicated study to become a licensed electrician, but once you achieve your goal, the benefits are worth it. Some benefits of choosing to qualify as an electrician are:

  • You get paid while you study. There are not many careers where you can earn an income while you study and work under supervision.
  • You have job security as there are always electrical jobs available. According to the Associated General Contractors of Florida, there is a skilled trade labor shortage, and employers are always looking to hire qualified electricians.
  • Any electrical work carried out in Florida, has to, by law, be carried out and signed off by a licensed electrician.
  • Being a licensed electrician gives you a competitive advantage. Your electrical license is proof of experience and skill that most clients request.
  • Being a licensed electrician increases your earning capacity. Only a licensed electrician can:
    • Pull necessary building permits.
    • Advertise their expertise as an electrician.
    • Provide commercial insurance.
    • Pass electrical inspections.
    • Place a bid on both public and government projects.
  • Due to the dangerous nature of the work, and the qualifications required to be an electrician, the electrical trade is a highly respected profession.
  • The job is never boring or monotonous. Electricians constantly:
    • Have to resolve various electrical problems. No two buildings or electrical circuits present with identical issues.
    • They are not office-bound. They work at different sites, as well as both in and outdoors.
  • Once qualified and licensed, people in the electrical profession have the potential to be self-employed.

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