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What’s In Your Water?

whats in your water - water quality
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Today we’re going to spend a little time getting wet. If you will ponder this for a moment, we swim in it, bathe in it, freeze it, mix things with it, surf on it, drink it, we as a creature are 90% made of it and the earth is roughly 71% covered in it. Of course I am talking good old H2O, a.k.a. water.

The water that we have here on the third rock from the sun is the same water that our Neanderthal ancestors enjoyed; in fact, we have been recycling the same water for millions of years. That of course begs today’s title question what’s in your water?

In the typical municipal water supply you will find a host of things that if I asked most people to ingest I would get a collective are you out of your mind kind of look. If you pick up a common water quality report you will find things such as chlorine, ammonia, lead, copper, trihalomethanes and more. Your water district sends you an annual water quality report and I am guessing that most of you have never taken the time to read it. Of course in our modern Google everything era, check your water bill to find out what water district you live in and go have a look.

One of the biggest things that shock me when I test water in the typical home is the chlorine levels are, most of the time, higher than what you will find in the swimming pool of the city park. How scary is that? I know I can already hear you saying I don’t drink the water from the tap just for that reason, I know it’s not clean.

Ok that said I am willing to bet that you and your loved ones regularly bath or shower, correct? I am also guessing that you use hot water to do that with. When you are in the shower or bath the hot water opens the pores of your skin, and the chlorine, ammonia and other nasty things have been converted to a gas by the process of heating the water. You are absorbing those chemicals into your skin and of course breathing them in. I read a study not too long ago that in the typical ten minute shower your body absorbs the same amount of chlorine as you would ingest by consuming eight, eight ounce glasses of water straight from the kitchen faucet.

You know the next question right? What can we do? The first thing is to have a water treatment specialist test your water to see exactly what it contains. This is even more important if you happen to not be on the city water system and your home is supplied water from a well. After the testing your specialist can make the right recommendations to give you the best possible water quality. We offer a myriad of solutions ranging from under the sink systems, to whole home filtration systems and even reverse osmosis systems.

Until next week, will all those who believe in telekinesis please raise my hand.

House Whisperer out!!


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