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Under Water

under water - flood protection
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Good day everyone, welcome back to another Friday edition of useless trivia and some fun facts. Water makes up 80% of the Earth’s surface, there are over a million miles of water pipes in North America, and the average person consumes about 50 gallons of water per day.

Water is one of the most powerful substances on Earth. Take a look at the Grand Canyon if you need proof. We humans make it even more powerful by putting it under pressure and then running it through the walls, floors and ceilings of our homes, condos and businesses. Again, according to the EPA, we waste over a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) gallons of water annually nationwide due to faulty plumbing. That’s enough water to service 11 million homes for a year.

The typical water system in a residential single family is under anywhere from 60-80 PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch), and if a joint or coupling fails catastrophically, that can mean up to fifteen gallons of water per second streaming out of a ¾” copper pipe. Having experienced this first hand, I can tell you flooding out a home, or even worse, a condo, especially let’s say the 14th floor, is ZERO fun and can cost you thousands of dollars so fast your head will spin. So what can we do you ask?

First and foremost you should have the plumbing system inspected annually by a trained certified professional to make sure that any faulty parts are replaced and you are not one of the perpetrators in the aforementioned trillion gallons of water wasted.

Secondly you may want to take a look of one of the many flood protection system that are readily available for your home. We have devices called WAGS valves (water & gas safety) that are designed for point-of-use shutting off of water or gas. A WAGS valve is typically found at a hot water heater and in the event the heater ruptures, shuts off the water supply to the tank so the damage is contained to just the amount of water that the tank held.

We can also show you systems that are designed to shut down the water to the entire home in a matter of seconds if water is detected where it should not be. This is accomplished by placing an electronic valve at the point of entry of water into the home, and remote sensors are placed throughout anywhere the potential for water damage exists. If any of these sensors gets wet, a wireless signal is sent to the control valve and poof – off goes the water. Depending on the brand of flood protection system you choose, we can add features like remote monitoring via smart device or tablet, central monitoring station in the home, as well as reminders to change the batteries in the sensors. Hindsight of course is 20/20, however, I do regret not having this installed in my home before the flood.

On a semi final note, some home owner insurance policies offer a discount on your premium if you install a whole home flood protection system similar to when you upgrade your home to hurricane windows. Again I’m not an insurance agent so check with your carrier. If you want to explore further options on how we can help protect your home and belongings from water damage give a click here, call 1-800-475-1504, or drop me an email at  — until next week, remember, the answer to the universe is 42. House Whisperer out!!


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