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This past weekend marked the unofficial end of summer with Labor Day. Soon the temperatures will start to fall, the leaves will begin changing, and I heard that it actually snowed in Montana a couple days ago.

Wait, who am I kidding? It’s going to be hot and steamy for at least another month before we actually start to get some relief from the heat. That said, it’s time to think about giving your air conditioning system a little love for all the hard work that it has done over the past six months.

Unexpected air conditioning repairs can often be prevented by doing annual or bi-annual maintenance on your system. For the record, if your homes HVAC system is less than five years old, a once-a-year tune up is just fine, after five years the recommendation goes to twice a year. I can already hear you saying, “I change my filter every month.” And some of you dump a little bleach down the drain line when you think of it, which by the way, is a no-no. Bleach over time can make your drain line brittle and subject it to breaking or cracking. White vinegar is a much better alternative; it will kill the algae build up and won’t harm the integrity of the drainage system.

All machines need maintenance by professional service personal on a regular basis and the heating and cooling system in your home is no exception. Which, of course, leads to the question of what is done during a typical maintenance visit on your air conditioner. The tune up accomplishes the following:

  • Check electrical usage for the compressor, blower motor and condenser fan
  • Check the refrigerant pressures
  • Chemical treatment of the drain line for proper flow
  • Wash and flush the drain pan
  • Wash outdoor coils
  • Ensure all safety devices are functioning
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Check contactors and capacitors for proper function
  • Change batteries in the thermostat
  • Duct inspection for leakage
  • Add up to two pounds of refrigerant
  • Can prevent unexpected failures by changing parts that are weak or in poor condition

The best part of our air conditioner tune up is Art’s Keep You Cool Promise. If your HVAC system suffers a failure within 90 days of a maintenance visit we will refund the cost of the tune up and give you a 10% discount on the needed repair. Of course there are some conditions that apply, for example, if your system is over fifteen years old, all bets are off.

As always my friends, dial the digits to reach us at 1-800-475-1504, or let the mouse take control by heading to and my email is Mention this blog post and we will take $25.00 off the normal $149 price of a comprehensive tune up.

I was wondering why the baseball was getting closer, and then it hit me. House Whisperer out!!!


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