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So, you’ve decided that you want to add a water treatment system to your home. One of my readers recently asked via Facebook; now what? When it comes to purchasing a water treatment system for the home there are many things to be taken into consideration. As most of you know, air conditioning and home comfort are my real areas of expertise, so I sat down with John Sause, our in-house water guru and posed the question to him.

The first thing that you must do, according to John, is have a water test done by a knowledgeable water treatment professional. Water itself is very basic when you strip it down to its two molecules of hydrogen mixed with one molecule of oxygen. It’s those other things hanging out in the water that makes the difference. Water testing is going to tell you exactly what you need in terms of equipment to get the best possible water quality in your home. Depending on your water source, you are going to have chlorine, chloramines, iron, calcium, cleaning by products, and other contaminants in your water.

Next up is that the size of the unit does matter. An undersized carbon system will not have the ability to remove all the chlorine and other unwanted chemicals, so an undersized system that does not give the water enough contact time is simply a waste of your money. There are also many over-blown claims that a so-called super carbon exists. Carbon is like a sponge in that it can only absorb so much until it will need to be replaced. Most treatment systems will require that the carbon be replaced every year or two depending on the amount of water ran through them.

Are you thinking about a water softener? The biggest mistake you can make with a softener is to not have a carbon filter before it. The chlorine and other cleaning products found in municipal water supplies will destroy the media in a softener in a very short period of time. If filtered water is all that goes into the softener you can expect a typical life of around ten years before the media will need to be replaced. Also in softener land, look for a unit that has a metered head device. These types of head units give you the most accurate hardness measure and will reduce the amount of salt that is needed to clean the system.

John’s last few tips include being cautious when choosing where you purchase your system. You may have better luck buying a system from an actual plumbing company vs. some big box retailer or a company that only sells water filtration. Also, when it comes to the mechanical side of things, complex is not the way to go with regard to the control units of the system. Remember, the simpler the better when it comes to maintenance and possible needed repairs. I promise you that you do not need a fancy computer system to achieve good water quality.

As always, we are a phone call or a click away to help with all your water treatment or other needs in the home. Thanks again to John for all the awesome info! Tune in next week when we start meeting some of the other amazing people that make Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric tick.

Final thought, could a waterbed be considered a vinyl resting place?

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