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Tons of Fun

tons of fun
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We made it to another Friday and another work week winds down. In the world of fun trivia, on June 24th, 1947, one of the first UFO sightings was made by one Kenneth Arnold over Mount Rainier in Washington State. Arnold claimed to have seen a string of nine shiny objects moving at speeds he estimated over 1,200 miles per hour. His proclaimed sighting was the official beginning of the unidentified flying object era, and the press used his descriptions to coin the term flying saucer.

“Flying equipment” is what we were doing last Saturday for a big commercial unit we were changing out. As you can see from the picture, we changed out some seriously large commercial air conditioning equipment — 25 tons worth to be specific. Let me put into perspective how big the unit in that picture is. The outside unit I’m leaning on is about ten feet long, seven feet wide and weighs in at about 1,500 pounds. The indoor unit of this system is six feet tall, nine feet long and three feet wide, clocking just over 1,000 pounds in weight. Changing out commercial equipment is a completely different animal than your typical residential change out.

Everything is so much bigger and the manpower and machinery required go up exponentially, when you are working with commercial accounts. On a typical home change out we can easily accomplish the work in a single day with just two guys, whereas on the commercial unit pictured, we had five guys on site for two and a half days. Next up is the crane, and this is where it gets a little scary. We are always safety first when it comes to cranes and big stuff. I have never seen it, I have however heard horror stories of smashed equipment and some pretty horrific injuries. My heart rate goes way up when I am looking at 1,500 pounds of air conditioning equipment hoisted four stories in the air. The best moment is when those straps come off and our equipment is safely in place.

I know when it comes to commercial equipment, Art Plumbing AC & Electric may not be your first thought, as we are new to the commercial space, however I can assure you that the care and attention to detail we give our residential clients will be carried over to your commercial property. As always we are a phone call away at 1-800-475-1504, you can schedule with a couple fast clicks at or shoot me an email at We will, we will rock you! (I know that many of you sang that last line in your head!!)

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