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Sprinkler Service – We Can Make It Rain!

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Ah, sunny South Florida… land of sun, sand, tourists, alligators and no rain for several months of the year. We all know that during the summer months, every day somewhere around 3:00 p.m. it is going to rain for an hour and then the humidity is going to go through the roof. Generally commencing around the beginning of November, rain seems to become something that we see very little of until May rolls back around. This is where your lawn’s sprinkler system can really be a life saver or in this case, a lawn saver.

I know you think of us for all your plumbing, air conditioning and electrical needs, however, were you aware that we have a full-blown sprinkler division that can take care of all your landscaping needs? I’m guessing we’re not your first thought when it comes to sprinklers.

Okay, so let’s begin with the question of how your sprinkler system is being fed water. Typically, there are three ways that a sprinkler system can be fed. You can have a dedicated well, you can be connected to city water or a lake/canal can be your water source.

If your sprinkler system is being fed by a well you are likely going to need some sort of iron removal system as raw water here in Florida typically has high iron content. I’m sure you have seen homes or businesses that have that orange rusty type of staining on the side of the structure and, you guessed it, they need to add a rust removal system. If your sprinklers are fed from city water you might want to consider going to a well or canal/lake source as you are paying for every drop of water that you are feeding to your lawn. Have you ever wondered why you see fake geese floating in a lake or canal? No, they’re not there to attract other birds; those little plastic guys are there to mark and protect the inlet for the sprinkler pump.

Do you have brown spots in your lawn or areas that just seem like they won’t grow anything? The likely culprit is going to be your sprinkler system. Your landscapers may have hit a sprinkler head so it may not be spraying correctly or possibly the type of sprinkler head is incorrect. A full diagnostic of your sprinkler system can correct those issues. Have you ever been driving in a rain storm and noticed a sprinkler system watering a yard? Yup! That is a waste of water and a rain sensor can stop that from happening. We service timers, can add or remove zones and there are even apps that allow you to control your sprinklers with any smart device.

On a side note and since we are talking about landscaping, don’t forget that we can also provide you with any type of low voltage lighting you would like for your garden. Until we meet again my friends, there is an attic in Fort Lauderdale that needs my attention…

I still want to know if I melt dry ice whether I can swim without getting wet.

House Whisperer out!!


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