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Reflecting On A Successful Year

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Family, Friends and Clients                                     

So, I’m sitting in my office the other day and the big boss comes in and asks if he can hijack my blog for the last week of the year and I said sure why not, I could use a week off from writing. I will leave you with this thought before turning over the reins. If you think about it you can never really lose a homing pigeon, if your homing pigeon doesn’t come home what you’ve lost is a pigeon. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, now with a year-end message and thoughts on the coming year I present to you our President and CEO, Gregg D’Attile.

House Whisperer out!!


Hello and Welcome!

First, let me say isn’t Gregory awesome, I just love that guy, so blessed to have such a dedicated and caring person on our team. Throughout my many years at the helm of this fabulous journey there have only been a few as dedicated as Gregory.

2017 has been another great year in the growth of our Company. This year we added 12 people to our family, 9 vehicles and lots of cool tools and equipment to diagnose plumbing cooling and electrical issues. We changed and updated our operating system to the latest and greatest customer service and interactive software platform.

We have increased our education and training plan to keep all our wonderful Purpose Partners at the top of their game, to better serve our customers and to improve their life skills. Our goal is to make good people better people. Our marketing team has been very busy working on new and old customer interactions as far as adding new customers and keeping our existing customers informed of specials and solutions.

Our management team has also grown in both numbers and breadth of talent. Being in the service industry means only the most caring and dedicated people can make the cut here at Art, because the best service starts with the best people. Having been awarded a top 10 ranking in the Nexstar Network Customer Service Survey means we are always striving to deliver the best, and our management team never stops working toward providing what our customers want.

We have been blessed to work with great vendor partners here at Art, our suppliers and vendors that we depend on have proven to be invaluable in our ability to be competitive and deliver on-time service. I know our customers don’t think about the behind the scenes of our operations, believe me, the number of moving parts and operations that take place to deliver a professional service technician to your front door is extensive. The technician is backed up by a whole group of people, such as Customer Service Representatives, Dispatchers, Warehouse Operations, Purchasing, Managers, Human Resources, Accounting, Ride-Along Quality Control, Training Coordinator, Marketing, Fleet Management, Install Operations, Sales Operations, Service Partner Plan Coordinator, and Permitting.

As we close out 2017, we look forward to 2018 and all the challenges and opportunities that lay before us. We look forward to growing our family and customers. Our year ahead will mark our 35th year in business serving the great people of South Florida and we promise to “Always be there when you need us.”


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