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house whisperer
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Hey everyone welcome back to another Friday! I probably should have done this last week, however better late than never as the old saying goes. What follows are some of the best (or worse) finds in 2015. Truth is always stranger than fiction and even after this many years, the things I see people do never cease to amaze.


Holy Octopus Batman

Yes that is someone’s attempt at a duct system, while it is not uncommon to use plywood for structural support; it is usually insulated inside which this was not. I admire the dedication, as even the cans that connected the flex to the supply grills were plywood.



Rip It Up

This one is pretty common in attics everywhere. Somebody probably stepped on the connection and ripped it apart. I can’t tell you how much energy is being lost to the attic here, but suffice to say it’s a lot.



Happy Home

As you can see, this opossum was not happy to be disturbed from his air conditioning home. Live is always better dead, which I can tell you from experience. I had a call where the homeowner was getting a terrible smell which turned out to be a decomposing possum that had chosen the inside of her package unit air conditioner as its final resting place.



Dog Gone It

This little guy just wanted to give his paw of approval on the new air conditioner that his parents had just put in.



Tie It Up

The white strap here is called a Panduit strap which is normally used to tie flex duct to supply cans. In this case this was someone’s idea of a way to correct a room that was too cold.



Oldy Moldy

Duct leakage is not uncommon and this is what happens over time when the cold air from the ducts mixes with the hot air in the attic, mini thunderstorms occur and this is the end result.



Friends In High Places

That’s Gary, one of our superstar installers making preparations to get all 200 pounds of that package unit down to the ground safely.



Feel The Breeze

Yup, you guessed it! The fan motor went bad in this condenser and this was the quick fix. It would have worked a little better if they had flipped the fan over so it was pulling air through the coil.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings

House Whisperer out!!


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