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Men of Art

Men of Art
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I typically focus most of my musings on things that can save you money or time however this post is going to be slightly different. I want to shine a spotlight on two of the most crucial individuals in our organization. First up is our General Manager Arthur D’Attile and second up is Christopher Cerone our humble HVAC Operations Director. You, as our clients, only get to see the front side of our Company when you have an issue in your home or business and I am sure you don’t realize the herculean efforts it takes to get one of our trucks to you.

Let’s look behind the curtain for a moment at our humble organization. The team is made up of six customer service representatives and an answering service for after-hours answering of your calls 24/7. Next, we have two customer service managers, four dispatchers, twenty plus service techs, six installation teams, a purchasing agent, warehouse support staff, accounting, human resources, a marketing team, the commercial division, not to mention the drain clearing division, AC maintenance department and our remodeling crews. All in we are a team of around eighty people all striving to provide you with the best customer service possible. Guess where any of those people land when there is an issue or concern of any kind. The answer of course, is Arthur’s office.

Affectionately known as “Uncle Arthur”, the good Mr. D’Attile began his career at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric twenty-five years ago as a plumbing apprentice, and through the years became a Master Plumber, eventually transitioning to management. One of the things that make him so good at his job is the many years he spent in the field servicing our clients. That experience assists him in helping our service techs to help you. Arthur is a dedicated family man and when he gets free time you can probably find him fishing in the Keys with his wife and two daughters. He is passionate about guns, music (especially Pink Floyd), and absolutely hates raw tomatoes. That last part is a little weird in this author’s opinion. If you haven’t figured it out, I greatly respect him and there isn’t enough money in the world that I would want the burden of his job.

At Arthur’s side day in and day out, you will find the self-proclaimed “King of all air conditioning”, Christopher “Squid” Cerone. Christopher has been with the Art family for over fifteen years and has a background similar to Arthur. He began his career as one of our field techs taking care of clients, moved on to a lead-tech position in a very short time frame and today directs all the traffic when it comes to air conditioning. Chris is our resident class clown and one of his best characteristics is to find humor in almost any situation. Again, a dedicated family man with a son and daughter, Christopher’s biggest passion is baseball and he thinks that Christmas should be year-round. I personally owe Chris a great deal of gratitude for all the air conditioning knowledge he has shared with me over the years, and when it comes to air conditioning he is one of the best, hands down.

I’m stepping off my soapbox for now as there is a dead air conditioner in Pompano calling my name and until next time my friends, can someone please tell me if the Hokey Pokey is really what it’s all about?

House Whisperer out!!


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