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I Just Purchased a New Air Conditioner – What Should I Do Now?

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Wow, the pressure is off! You’ve made the decision of which air conditioning company you are going to use, the installation of the new system is almost completed and it suddenly dawns on you that you aren’t sure what the next steps are.

The installing company should run through how the system functions, how to change from heating to cooling, how the thermostat works and what is involved when it comes to changing the filter. Where many companies fall short is reminding the customer that to keep the unit as efficient as possible and give it a nice long life, regular maintenance is a necessary evil.

First, when does a new system need maintenance? The answer is roughly twelve months after it is installed, then annually for the next four years and after the units fifth birthday, you should consider switching to twice a year maintenance. That doesn’t mean you can just forget about your air conditioner for the next twelve months. You must change the filter every thirty to sixty days depending on the quality of the filter.

Also, if the unit was installed properly there should be a service port on the drain line to allow for regular maintenance. When it comes to the drain you should dump a couple cups of white vinegar down the service port at every filter change. Make sure the unit is off when you do this so the vinegar has time to attack the zooglea. There’s your word for the day… zooglea is the white slime type of algae that builds up in cold water and clogs drains.

What’s going to happen on an air conditioning maintenance check you ask? We are going to check all the electrical connections, the refrigerant levels and pressures. We’ll clean the coil to maintain the best air flow along with wiping down the blower wheel. We will test the computer boards or capacitors depending on the type of system you have. We will also use a chemical, that in the wrong hands can cause serious injury, to make sure your drain line is as clean as possible along with making sure the safety devices on the drains work. We’ll even change the batteries in the thermostat if required. If your system has ultra violet lights or other air purifiers we’ll check them for proper function and make sure they’re keeping the unit clean and sterile.

I’m not sure why so many customers have trouble wrapping their mind around the fact that the AC unit needs the same love and care that any other machine does. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve heard people say, why isn’t it working, it’s only four years old? The answer is, Mr. Client you haven’t changed your filters or done any of the right things to keep this machine running and it is paying you back for your lack of care by not working properly. I’ve said it many times; you wouldn’t drive your car 20,000 miles without changing the oil and expect it to run would you? Don’t expect anything less from your air conditioner, ignore it and I promise you lower efficiency and a shorter life.

Until we meet again my friends, in the category of thoughts I get in the middle of the night, if a zombie and a vampire both bit each other what happens?

House Whisperer out!!


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