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Hey you guys its Friday!!! Welcome back to my faithful readers, today I want to chat a little about indoor air quality. So, just for giggles I’m sitting in my office and decided to break out the particle counter to see how good or bad the overall air quality in the shop is. It turns out the air in my office is not so bad, all things considered.

First off, what is a particle counter you ask? This little device takes a cubic foot of air over about five minutes and measures how many particles of dust, dirt, mold, pollen etc. are floating around in the air and measures particles down to a size of one micron. How small is that you ask? You would need a microscope to see a particle that tiny and by definition a micron is one millionth of a meter.

So back to our particle counts… my control sample is taken outside and said 877,543 little bits and pieces were floating around in that cubic foot of air. When I am testing in an in home environment, I take three samples, and take an average to compare to the outside reading. If we have good air quality, the indoor reading should be at 25% or less of what we have outside.

In my office, we ticked off at 307,011 particulates floating around so we are at roughly 35%. I guess the office could use some better air filtration. I know 10% over what we are looking for doesn’t seem like much, however, when you think about the fact that we take anywhere from 17,000 – 23,000 breaths per twenty four hour period that 10% can add up. Here it comes, what can we do?

There are many factors that contribute to indoor air pollution such as the windows, how tight the subject structure is, how are the duct connections, how clean or dirty are the air handlers, and more. That said, if you have any breathing issues, allergies, or respiratory concerns, we can help.

We feature a number of awesome air filtration systems that can be retrofitted into almost any home or office air distribution system. One example; we are the only South Florida Authorized IQ Air Dealer. Remember our micron? The IQ Air filter will remove particles down to a size of 0.003 microns. If you want to dig a little deeper into the IQ Air system give this link a click:

When it comes to indoor air quality, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric is by far leagues ahead of our competitors in the world of air quality, and will custom tailor the right fit for your home’s air distribution system.

As always my friends, you can get me at, or you can schedule an indoor air quality evaluation at, or a quick call to 1-800-475-1504 will get us on the way to your home.

I’m gonna go bug the boss and see if I can talk him into an IQ Air for my office…

House Whisperer out!!


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