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Gee It’s Hot!

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Welcome back everyone! I just pulled my Weather Channel app out and at the time of writing this article it is 7 am, the temperature is 81 degrees, and the feels like temperature is 86 degrees. The sun is barely up, and the feels like forecast for today is well over 100 degrees with no relief in sight. That brings me to today’s topic of when was the last time you really thought about your air conditioning system?

I know you probably change your filter once a month or so, you might dump a little vinegar down the drain line in hopes of preventing a condensate drain back up. The real question is have you done any preventive maintenance to your air distribution system, or was the last time you thought about this when it stopped working? I don’t think you would drive your car 15,000 miles without changing the oil would you? I hope not, that would not be good for your car. If the check engine light comes on in your car, do you drive right to the mechanic’s shop, or do you road trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta?

Ok, I think you get the point, your air conditioning system, like any other machine, needs regular maintenance to run at its best. What kind of maintenance does the system need you ask? Let’s go through the basics of an AC system tune-up.

We will:

  • Check the coils
  • Flush & treat drain line for proper flow
  • Clean drain pan
  • Test all safety controls
  • Check Freon levels
  • Check amperage draws
  • Check voltage readings
  • Inspect all wiring
  • Inspect blower assembly
  • Check ductwork
  • Check circuit breakers
  • Check heat for proper function
  • Check split temperatures
  • Check filter
  • Check all wiring connections
  • Check contactors
  • Check capacitors

Ok, I can hear you saying wow, that’s a lot, I didn’t know that so much went into making an air conditioning system work properly.  I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, I just can’t stress enough the importance of having your air conditioning system maintained properly. Regular maintenance of your home’s air conditioner can help prevent the worst feeling in the world; coming home to a steaming hot house after a long day at work.

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House Whisperer out!


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