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Don’t Drink the Water!

don't drink the water
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We haven’t talked water in quite some time and I think I should remind you that the water coming from your kitchen faucet isn’t very safe to drink. Well, I take that back… According to the government and local municipalities the water is safe. I guess it comes down to what your definition of safe is.

If you think drinking chlorine, ammonia, trihalomethanes, arsenic, copper, lead and several other things is safe then by all means head to the kitchen faucet and draw yourself a big glass. I know, you are asking what the hell this guy is talking about.

The cities job is to deliver water to your home or business that is not full of germs, bacteria and stuff that will make you sick instantly. Unfortunately the two big things the city has to add to water to make it safe are chlorine and ammonia. Your chemistry lesson for the day is if you take chlorine, ammonia and any organic material you’ll get trihalomethanes. Trihalomethanes are known cancer causing agents. To give you an idea of how much chlorine is in the water, the next time your pool guy is at the house after he tests the pool and does his thing ask him to test the water coming out of the tap. Nine out of ten times there is going to be more chlorine in the tap water than your pool. Slightly scared yet?

Let’s back up a step and if you really want to educate yourself as to what is in your water go to Google and type in the name of your city along with the words “water quality report”. I think you are going to be unpleasantly surprised at what you read. All cities mail out the water quality report once or twice a year, however it resembles junk mail and I’m guessing 99% of them go right to the recycle bin. Of course, in harmony I can hear most of you saying, “I buy bottled water, I would never drink tap water!”

Here’s my answer in a nutshell. Did you take a shower today? I am assuming most of you did. In a ten minute shower your body absorbs as much chlorine as if you drank eight glasses of water straight from the forbidden tap. When you stop and think about it your skin is the largest organ your body has. Your pores open-up when in hot water and chlorine when heated becomes a gas and whether you drink the water or not you are taking high amounts of chlorine into your body with every bath or shower. So, what can we do is always the question.

The answer is a whole home water filtration system. We offer a variety of solutions to provide you with clean, safe water from every tap in your house. We have systems that remove chlorine, ammonia and 5,000 other things that can be in the water. This is done through the use of carbon which is nature’s best sponge. We also have other systems that can remove calcium and magnesium from the water for the up-north style of soft water. In a home with clean and soft water, fixtures last longer, appliances hold up better, the use of cleaning products is greatly reduced and your hair and skin will have a totally different feel when you step out of the shower.

We are always a phone call or email away if you would like a complimentary water analysis done at your humble abode. Until we meet again my friends, if I melt dry ice can I swim without getting wet? – Stephen Wright

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