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Welcome back one and all! Today I wish to visit the area under your kitchen sink for a few minutes. This area is our favorite storage place for all the household cleaners, extra sponges, occasional under sink water filter, and of course today’s topic — garbage disposals. With the holidays fast approaching I want to review a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to the growly monster under the sink.

First, we have one John W. Hammes to thank for the garbage disposal. The concept came to light in 1927 with a patent being filed in 1933. The first models became available to the public in early 1940 and Mr. Hammes’ Company, known as InSinkErator, was born. Fast forward and the InSinkErator is still one of the most popular brands of garbage disposals on the market today. It is estimated that one of every two homes in the United States has a garbage disposal installed.

While garbage disposals are awesome for some things and make kitchen cleanup a little easier, improper use can lead to some serious and damaging issues for your homes plumbing system. That said, there a few things that you should never put down the disposal. These include and are not limited to any form of grease, fat or butter, corn husks, onion peels and shell fish remnants. The greases can especially give you grief and are one of the main causes of problems when we are called out for a kitchen drain stoppage. If you have a very small amount of a greasy substance going down the disposal I suggest that you allow the hot water to run for two or three minutes with the disposal running to help prevent the grease from building up inside the pipes.

As garbage disposals are self contained units, there is not a lot that needs to be done in terms of maintenance other than dealing with the occasional smell coming from the disposal. One of my favorite methods for a smelly sink is to cut up some of your favorite citrus into ¼” pieces and run them through the disposal with the cold water running. The acid in the citrus will help clean up the blades in the disposal and give your kitchen a pleasant aroma. I find lemons and limes to be the most effective, and c’mon what’s better than a lemony fresh kitchen?

Many of today’s higher end disposals have a reversing feature in them that allow the blades to go in a different direction each time the unit is engaged, which really helps prevent jamming of the unit. If you do find yourself with a jammed disposal, on the bottom of most units is a hexagonal port that you can insert the allen wrench that came with the unit to clear most jams effectively. Again, the secret to not jamming the disposal is not overloading it, and never put things down there that just don’t belong.

As always if you do find yourself with a leaking or non-functioning garbage disposal our rolling warehouses are a click or a phone call away to get you up and draining again without a lot of hassle or downtime. Call us anytime, day or night at 1-800-475-1504 – and remember, there’s never an extra charge on weekends during regular business hours!

In the parting category of things that keep me awake at night I wonder who caught the first lobster and decided it would be good food?

House Whisperer out!!


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