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Diffusers – What’s Your Style?

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As is usually the case, my blog posts take shape around events that have taken place or projects that we have done, and today is no different. We just wrapped up a project at a multi-million dollar home in Lighthouse Point where the client did not like the look of the diffusers, or also known as the air supply grilles in his home.

The client in this case wanted a sleeker more modern look so we opted for linear diffusers as shown in the image with this post. These diffusers presented a few unique challenges during the installation process as the drywall had to be modified, and ductwork needed to be extended. The end result gave the client the look he wanted for his humble abode.

This of course got me thinking that if he wanted a different look for his home there were likely other home-owners who may not realize that these options are available. Let’s start with the linear diffuser. This style of diffuser is available in an infinite number of sizes and slot combinations. You can have one through five slots and the lengths can be as short as two feet. I’ve seen them as long as twelve feet. The ones pictured are three slots, three feet long, on a wall that is about eighteen feet. So, it balanced out nicely.

Again, he opted for the bright white look in his home however, we are in no way limited to that color when it comes to any style of grille that you might want to install in your home. The standard available colors are black, gold, white, bright white, grey and we can even get grilles that are only primed and ready to be painted to match any décor. I guess the most extreme example that we installed had mirrors to blend into a mirrored wall in a library of one of our Boca Raton client’s home. I’m personally not a fan of the mirrored look, but hey, as the old saying goes; to each his own.

My regular readers and our clients know that we are always all about providing you with choices when it comes to what can be done in the home. I hope today’s rambling enlightened you or inspired you as to how we can change the aesthetics in your home, if you’re not happy with the everyday run of the mill supply grilles that are typically installed.

As a parting thought in the world of what I find sort of funny and ironic, Mel Blanc who voiced the original Bugs Bunny character for many years was allergic to carrots. Until next week my friends, here is to choices and carrots.

House Whisperer Out!!


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