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Welcome back to another Friday, here’s hoping that you have had a great week and all is well. Today I want to spend a little time on the thermostat for your air conditioner. Again, probably not something you spend a lot of time thinking about. Until the last couple of years, the thermostat was just that, and that alone. It would control the temperature in the home to within +/- three degrees of what the set point is if you are lucky. In the olden days of yore, the heart of the thermostat was a mercury bulb that was very inaccurate; technology today has advanced the thermostat far past just the ability to control the air conditioner.

I am sure you have read an article or two on whole home automation. The humble thermostat has evolved to have the ability to do so much more than simply regulate temperature. All the air conditioner manufacturers have their own version of WIFI thermostats that have the basic ability to allow you to monitor and control the climate within your humble abode. You download an application to any smart device and voilà, your thermostat is in the palm of your hand. This feature gives you monitoring abilities as well as the opportunity to change the temperature in your home at will. This is an awesome feature over basic programmable thermostats that rely on you my intrepid reader, having a set schedule. In the craziness of today’s world, actually knowing when you are going to be coming and going from your home at a set time every day is a rarity indeed. Some of the platforms available can even be set up to send you alerts, such as ‘change your filter’, and can tell you that something is off with the system and help prevent the dreaded “no cool” situation.

The Honeywell brand in particular has evolved even further than just temperature controls. You can add wireless gateways that allow the platform to be expanded to include control of the lighting, security cameras, door locks, and nearly any other electrical device in your home. Now, if you’re like me, not only does this give you complete control over your home, it also allows for some great practical joke opportunities. Yes, you can turn on and off lights at will, lock and unlock doors, check your homes security cameras, and oh yes, change the temperature of the air conditioning. When I first installed my American Standard version of the wireless thermostat in my home, I had a lot of fun freezing my wife out, not that I’m suggesting you use this technology in any nefarious ways.

So, my friends as always, if you would like to explore what is available in the latest technology for temperature and home control options, visit or give us a ring at 1-800-475-1504 today and let us show you what technology can do for you.

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