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Welcome back to another Friday all! Today I’m stepping off my soapbox about how great a company we are and all the wonderful services we offer to offer a simple message. This is the beginning of a long holiday weekend celebrating our great country’s 240th birthday. Two hundred and forty years of American freedom and independence, that is just pretty darn amazing.

Yes the world we live in today is sometimes a scary place with all the terror, worries about the economy, wars and the hundred other things that we hear about on the news every day; however in your humble author’s opinion we still live in the greatest nation on earth.

Where else in a single day will people consume 150 million hotdogs and spend over $200,000,000 on fireworks to light up the night sky. Where else will over eighty one million families gather in the backyard around the grill with friends, family and loved ones? Let’s just face it kids, it doesn’t get any better than the good old USA!

Everyone please enjoy this long holiday weekend; remember that alcohol and fireworks don’t mix, and take a moment to reflect on how lucky we as a nation truly are. Happy Independence Day everyone and I’ll back next week with more money and time saving tips.

Remember the answer to the universe is 42.

House Whisperer out!!


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