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Air Quality 101 – What’s Your IAQ?

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When was the last time you gave any thought to the air quality in your home or office? Indoor air quality or IAQ can have major impacts on your overall health and well being. These impacts can be immediate when entering a building and can have long lasting effects depending on the type of pollutant found in the structure.

Why is IAQ a major problem you ask? There are several factors that contribute to higher pollution levels in today’s homes and offices. These include but are not limited to volatile organic chemicals, or VOC’s, newer construction methods that yield tighter structures, leaky duct systems, leaky windows and even HVAC systems that are over or undersized. Researchers have shown that the average person spends over ninety percent of their time indoors and all of these factors can lead to situations where the air in your home or workplace can make you sick.

How do I know if I have an IAQ problem is the next question that comes to mind when the topic of air quality comes up. The biggest indicator is if you start to suffer from symptoms such as headaches, runny nose or eyes, persistent scratchy throat or cough only when you are in a certain building. I have, over the years, had people tell me their cough only happens when they are at work or that they are fine during the day and their head gets very congested shortly after they get home. Another major one is that you go to bed feeling fine and wake up the next morning with an unusual symptom that clears up as soon as you leave the house.

What can I do if I think I have an IAQ problem is the obvious next query. The answer here is to have a professional come and test the structure in question. The testing can include particle counts, mold testing, and thermal image testing along with general air quality samples. An IAQ professional can get to the root of the problem and offer a myriad of solutions to improve the air you breathe. These solutions can range from sealing and cleaning ducts to adding air filtration/cleaning devices, to something as extreme as a full attic renovation. The solution of course will vary depending on the results of the testing.

As always my friends we are a phone call or a click away to address all you IAQ needs and concerns to give you the healthy home or office that you deserve.

Final thought for today is can we consider air pollution to be a mist-demeanor? I know, collective groan!

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