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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, yes that is an Emerson, Lake and Palmer song line in case you were wondering, and Happy Friday one and all!

It is official three times this week the temperature broke ninety degrees and as I write here at 7:00 am it’s already 77 degrees, summer is here. Summer means a couple things here in the sunshine state, first heat, second humidity, third it is going to rain every day right around 3:47 pm. It also means that the air conditioning system in your home is more important than ever and the good news is, you need a new system. Please note the sarcasm. No one woke up this morning and said it seems like a great day to buy a new air conditioner.

Large purchases always cause a little tension and trepidation, so what are things to consider when you have to replace your homes most important feature? I think my opening statement here may take you slightly aback, however, I want you to completely ignore the brand name of the ac systems you are considering. I have been to three different air conditioning factories and I can tell you they are made about the same way, and as long as you are looking at the major players they all have about the same quality.

First off, we need to know how efficient our new unit is going to be. The efficiency is measured by a SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency rating) the minimum that can be installed per building code is a 14 SEER with units available as high as 25 SEER. As the SEER rating goes up, the electrical usage decreases. If you compare a three-ton unit with a 14 SEER to one with a 20 SEER, the later will save you around $200 per year. Not too shabby.

Next up, how many speeds or stages does the outdoor unit have? Again you can have single, dual, triple or as high as 700 speeds on an outdoor unit. The stages are driven by demand just like the gas pedal in your car, the higher the demand, the more output variable speed outdoor units produce. One thing you must have if you are going to go multi-stage with your condenser is great ductwork. If the ducts are not sized correctly or the home lacks ducted return air, a multi-stage outdoor unit may not be the way to go. Always remember the duct system will make or break a new ac unit, so make sure it gets checked during the ac estimate process.

Moving inside again, we have some choices when it comes to the equipment. In our humid and sticky climate, I prefer using variable speed air handlers for the dehumidification factor. The air is moving just a little slower over the indoor coil with a variable speed unit so it can pull more moisture out. Single speed air handlers are available, as well as units that offer communication features that improve efficiency and help to diagnose themselves when something is wrong. On a side note, it always best to match the higher end equipment with the manufacturer thermostat for the best performance.

Last and definitely not least, do not forget to register your new ac unit with the manufacturer, otherwise your ten year warranty you thought you had just became a five year warranty in most cases. I personally think that isn’t right, and we as a courtesy for our clients always make sure units get registered. If you’re in the market for a new cooling system for your home let us show you how it’s done correctly. Give us a shout at 1-800-475-1504, or click, or drop me a line at Remember there is no dark side of the moon really, as a matter of fact it’s all dark

House Whisperer out!!


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