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I’ve just returned from the annual Aeroseal Dealer’s Meeting and I have some exciting and fun things to share with you after my adventure to Dayton Ohio last week! First off, I want to send a huge shout out to all the people that made the training event such a success. There were several hundred people there and the team at Aeroseal really busted their butts to make sure we learned a lot, had a great vision for the future with new products and of course providing great food.

Ok, so what is Aeroseal you ask? Very simply it is like fix-a-flat for your homes air duct system. The air ducts in your home move all that precious cool air from the air conditioner to all the rooms in your home. In the typical duct system, we find that anywhere up to 50% of the air you are paying to cool gets lost to unconditioned space due to duct leaks.

Why are my ducts leaking you ask? There are several things that cause duct connection points to leak. First is just age. In our area most of the ducts are located in an attic space that can top out at over 150 degrees on a hot summer day. The materials that hold the duct system together can only take that kind of heat for so long until they fail. One of the other big things that cause duct leakage is just poor installation. When builders are putting up houses they usually sub-contract the duct work out to the cheapest guy they can find to do it. Well, as with everything in life, cheap never equals good. I have tested brand new homes that have had 30-40% duct leakage due to poor construction.

So, how does Aeroseal work? I’ll simplify the process slightly here. We block off all the vents in the home to temporarily make the duct system a closed loop. The ducts are then pressurized and the sealing material begins its journey. The material, which smells a lot like Elmer’s glue, is sent through a series of heaters and a wand that turns the material into a fine mist. When the mist finds an opening in the ducts the friction of the particle passing thru the opening makes the material stick to the edge of the opening. The first particle sticks to the second and so on until our hole no longer exists. Aeroseal can actually take care of holes in a duct system up to the size of a quarter. When the process is complete we re-test the ductwork to make sure our seal was successful. Aeroseal is the best way to bring a duct system back to as close to new without the huge cost of duct replacement.

What’s new you ask? The biggest thing to hit the building industry in years is all — it’s called Aero-Barrier. Aero-Barrier is the exact same process we use on duct systems only it works for the entire house. The typical house will have 10-15 ACH (air changes per hour). An air change occurs when the inside and outside air have switched with each other because the home is so leaky. In the house that I watched them seal, Aero-Barrier took that house from 14 ACH down to .06 ACH. The improvement to the way that home feels in terms of comfort along with the energy savings will be off the charts, they will be very happy homeowners. Stay tuned… Aero-Barrier will be available in Florida very soon and you faithful readers will be the first to know the moment it is.

Well my friends, the time has come for me to get on the road and start solving problems in our HVAC world. If you want to dig really deep into the world of ducts and reasons to seal the duct work, check out this facts page from Aeroseal here.

Until we meet again, did you hear about the three conspiracy theorists that walked into a bar? I just can’t believe it was a coincidence. House Whisperer out!!


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