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2016 – House’s Annual Best & Worst Of List

annual best worst list
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Well my friends, in what has now become an annual tradition, I am pleased to present some of the best and worst things that yours truly has encountered in his travels over the last twelve months. One thing I love about my job is that it never gets boring!


I have to hand it to whoever thought this one up. They put the fan on upside down, however, for a quick emergency ‘get me cooling again’, it’s not a bad hack!


Yup! That’s our fearless HVAC Operations Director Chris Cerone under a house with me in Miami. The house had a big humidity issue that was coming from the crawl space underneath the home.


This made my entire day and year much better! It’s the newest technology available in thermal imaging. The right tools make all the difference when you are tracking down issues in a home.


Very, very, very old metal ductwork running through a tight attic. The insulation has started to go bad and the whole duct system was creating condensation issues for our homeowner. New ducts for you Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner!


This unfortunately is a problem I encounter almost weekly. Our South Florida humidity levels can really wreack havoc on our duct systems and cause unwanted biological growth.


This was the final day of a huge project in Miami. We were doing a blower door test to ensure that the work we performed was done well, and that there were no air leaks in the home.


Big boy of the year award goes to this one! That is a 25-ton condenser about to be installed in a medical center. Weighing in at about 2,500 pounds, this is not one to play with!


My personal favorite in the category of Best Rooftop View of the year! I love some of the small perks that come with our jobs.


And the award for the Oldest Piece of Equipment this year goes to… This little gem was discovered deep within South Miami, loved it being a ‘winter air conditioner’ and look at the phone number on the company sticker to the left! I’m not 100% sure, but I’m guessing it’s from the 1960’s.


The award for the Oldest Home Air Condenser goes to… This one is circa mid-1970’s and was discovered in the home of a senior citizen who said, “I haven’t had air conditioning since 1985.” We got her up and cooling for the first time in thirty years!


Finally, the easiest diagnosis ever of why the AC unit isn’t cooling. Unfortunately, condenser coil theft runs rampant is some of our South Florida neighborhoods.

I am ever grateful for all the blessings in my life, and sharing my weekly musings with you brings me great joy. I hope for you that 2017 is a prosperous year, and that all of your hopes and dreams come true. Until next week my friends, in the immortal words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

House Whisperer out!!


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