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Due to inevitable wear and tear, all plumbing pipes and fixtures will eventually give you problems. Most people, unfortunately, don’t know the difference between a plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention, and one that can be left for a few hours.

To avoid personal injury and potential health risks or property damage, homeowners need to know when a plumbing issue is an emergency, and how they can be pro-active while waiting for their on-call plumbing contractor of choice to arrive.

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

All plumbing problems will eventually need to be dealt with, but not all plumbing issues can be considered an emergency.

Plumbing problems that need immediate attention are:

  • A sudden or rapid accumulation of water or dampness, with or without a visible cause. This could be a result of a burst pipe in the wall or under the floor. Not addressing this immediately could result in major structural damage and flooding.

  • Poor water pressure or quality. This is also an indication that a water supply pipe has burst or broken, and you need to call a plumber as soon as possible.

  • The main sign that the water heater needs immediate attention is if you cannot get the water temperature down, or if you smell gas. If this problem is not resolved, the pressure build-up could cause an explosion resulting in serious personal injury and structural damage. High water pressure is probably due to a faulty or damaged relief valve.

  • You will need to call a plumber if you suspect a blocked sewer line. If multiple drains are draining slowly, the problem can wait a few hours but will need a plumbers’ attention as soon as possible. Multiple drains that are blocked or not draining at all, or where you have raw sewage backing up into your home, is an emergency, and an on-call plumbing contractor will need to be called right away.

  • If you have no running water, you will not be able to use facilities or cook and clean. Having no running water is considered an emergency and a plumber needs to be called immediately.

  • Any plumbing problem that can be considered a flood risk or could potentially result in a health hazard or structural damage, requires an emergency plumbing service.

What To Do While Waiting For The Emergency On-Call Plumber

If you determine that the plumbing issue you’re experiencing constitutes a plumbing emergency, alert your on-call plumbing contractor of choice after you have:

  • Turned off the water heater
  • Shut off the valves to the main and auxiliary water pipes

Plumbing Problems That Are Not Considered An Emergency

There are a few plumbing issues that although require a plumbers’ attention, are not necessarily an emergency.

Some of these include:

  • Minor leaking faucets
  • Minor leaking toilets
  • Drains that are draining slowly but not completely clogged
  • Regular maintenance and plumbing inspections that need to be carried out but are not considered an emergency
  • Any appliance installation like garbage disposals and ice machines do not require a plumbers’ immediate attention
  • Bathroom or kitchen remodeling
  • A mildly leaking washing machine or dishwasher hose will need to be fixed as soon as possible, but it is not necessary to immediately contact an on-call plumber
  • A hammering noise when faucets are open could be as a result of deteriorating pipe support; This requires a plumbing inspection but is not considered an emergency

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