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What is a Licensed Plumber?

licensed plumber
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With the world focused on everything being bigger and better, as well as the emergence of stricter coding and building regulations, the importance of the quality, knowledge, and expertise of those who wish to be in the industry has risen. Plumbing is one such profession; there is value and importance placed on being trained and licensed. Here’s a bit more on the, ‘who or what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ on licensed plumbers.

Who or What is a Licensed Plumber?
A licensed plumber is someone who has been specifically trained and educated in plumbing services. In Florida, they are licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) – in both expertise and by legal standard – to then offer their services to you. The DBPR can then also hold them accountable to their rules and regulations to ensure professionalism; for example, some licensing bodies require proven continual participation in plumbing education to remain licensed – ensuring only the best most accurate and up-to-date methods used in practice.

How Does Someone Become a Licensed Plumber?
This is a difficult and thorough filtering process and it can vary between states. In Florida specifically, one must apply to the DBPR for licensing.

There are a number of essentials when applying to be a licensed plumber – all of which emphasize the level of expertise required to obtain a license. A candidate for a plumbing license must take and pass an exam covering business, finance and trade knowledge. A candidate must meet experience and education requirements to take the test, demonstrate at least 4 years of experience in the trade or completion of an apprentice program. The candidate for licensing must provide evidence of relevant experience in the form of W-2s from a plumbing contractor or letters of recommendation or a certificate of completion of a qualified apprentice program. Candidates must also demonstrate financial responsibility by providing a credit report and obtain general liability and property damage insurance.  Fingerprinting is also required.

As mentioned above, obtaining a license isn’t even the end. Licenses must be renewed every two years.  There is a continuing education requirement.  Certified and registered plumbing contractors must complete at least 14 hours of board-approved continuing education as a condition to renewal.

Why Do You Need A Licensed Plumber?
Licensure is a guarantee of quality service. It ensures knowledge, skills, and safety considerations are applied to the plumbing in your home. These plumbers have spent many hours working, in apprenticeships as well as independently, and have found the best methods for dealing with all types of plumbing services – be it repairs or brand-new installations.

A licensed plumber is also required to be up to date with building regulations and codes that are continually being updated. This means that you receive the best quality service that is in agreement with the latest safety measures.

It is also important to check your insurance policy, as some require only licensed tradesmen like plumbers be used for a valid claim. Licensed plumbers also have Liability Coverage so that you are financially protected should they be injured while working on your property.

Florida Certified plumbing companies like Art Plumbing, AC and Electric will offer licensed plumbers for contracting. Calling the company and asking them questions you may have is encouraged so that you build rapport and some level of comfort with them.


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