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Toilet Repair or Replacement?

Toilet Repair
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Toilets are one of the fixtures we don’t pay attention to when they’re working, but miss them when they’re not! So, knowing when to call a professional for a toilet repair or replacement is essential.

Generally, toilets are designed to last on average, 10 to 15 years. So, more often than not, your toilet will just need to be repaired. However, when the cost of repairs becomes more than the cost of replacement, it’s probably time to call it quits. Knowing when you need toilet repairs or replacement can be tricky, which is why the plumbing experts at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric would like to share common signs to look out for.

When to Repair Your Toilet

As mentioned, toilets are designed to last around 15 years, and with the correct maintenance, they can! However, you are likely to encounter one or many of these common toilet issues along the way. While they may be annoying, luckily, they can be repaired.

  • Water Keeps Running

    Water should only flow from the water tank into the bowl when the toilet is flushed. This means that if you can hear the sound of running water when the toilet isn’t in use, your toilet is in need of repair.

    A running toilet is when water from the tank continuously runs into the toilet bowl. This issue is most commonly caused by a worn flapper valve that is preventing the tank from sealing properly.

  • It Seems to Be Clogged

    It’s normal for a toilet to clog occasionally and is something that can usually be fixed with a plunger. However, if it’s happening more often, you need to investigate why it’s happening. Is someone in your home flushing things down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed? The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper. If your toilet is clogged with something else such as feminine hygiene products or children’s toys, (yes, we’ve seen it all) you’re going to need a professional plumber’s help to fix it.

  • Water Levels Are Low

    Unless you have just flushed the toilet, the water levels in the toilet’s tank and bowl should remain consistent. The first thing to do if you notice low water levels in the toilet is to check that the shut-off valve hasn’t accidentally been closed.

    If it hasn’t been closed, then low water levels may be an indication of a partial blockage. However, if you see water dripping down the sides of the toilet and on the floor, this may be an indication of a serious leak. Either way, a plumber should be called to fix the issue, immediately.

  • Lingering Foul Smells

    We all know that toilets aren’t known for smelling like daisies as soon as someone has used them. However, if a toilet still stinks even after being cleaned, it may be in need of repair.

    If this is a toilet that isn’t used often, you may want to try flushing it a few times before calling your plumber. If the foul smells continue, it could be an indication of a broken toilet seal or bacteria in the overflow pipe.

When to Replace Your Toilet

Sometimes a toilet repair simply isn’t worth the time or money spent. The issue may be too serious or complicated and will cost more to repair than to replace.

Here are some of those issues:

  • Constant Repair Work Is Needing to Be Done

    While toilet repairs here and there are normal, constant toilet repair means that you’re literally throwing money down the drain. While you’ll need a professional’s opinion, it may be time to consider replacing your toilet.

    This option would leave you with a reliable and trouble-free toilet.

  • It’s Always Clogged

    A clogged toilet may be caused by a number of things. However, if your toilet is constantly getting clogged, you need to call for professional help. A plumber will be able to help you determine why this is happening and whether it’s time to invest in a newer model.

  • There Are Cracks on the Bowl

    Cracks on porcelain are often mistaken for little scratches. The truth is that these cracks are a sign that your toilet needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

    These cracks leave openings for bacteria to build up. They also have the ability to grow and threaten the toilet’s structural integrity. While they appear small, these cracks can lead to leaks and water damage.

Toilet Repair & More in Coral Springs

While these are all of the signs to look out for, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric is always here to help when you just aren’t sure. So, if you’re unsure of what to do next about your toilet troubles, call Art today at 1-800-475-1504. Plumbing problems suck, but we’ve got you covered.


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