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Plumbing Into The Future

Plumbing Into The Future
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Though plumbing and the technology that makes it work are generally only thought about when something goes wrong, there’s a history behind its systems and components. Today, new science, and tools are shaping the plumbing practices of the future.

Consider upgrades for your plumbing system for a warm and efficient future.

Tankless Water Heaters

Widely still in use, traditional tank water heaters are becoming seen as wasteful and bulky compared to their successors: tankless water heaters.

Tank-style water heaters supply hot water by keeping a reserve of water, between 30 and 50 gallons, well heated and ready for use. Though less expensive at installation, operational costs of a traditional tank-style water heater are between 24% and 34% higher than tankless.

The lower initial cost is further offset when it’s time for a new one, as tank heaters also have shorter operational lives relative to tankless, lasting between 10 and 15 years to tankless heaters’ 20 years or more.

Solar Water Heaters

The cost-saving efficiency of new tech doesn’t stop at tankless water heaters.

Solar water heaters can also lower energy bills and add value to your home. Used in conjunction with a tankless system, the energy savings (and possible tax incentives) could be substantial.


Plastics have been finding more and more uses since their discovery, and plumbing applications are no exception.

Heartier and less prone to leaks than copper or other metals, and not requiring soldering or torch work, plastics are commonly used in indoor plumbing. With a combination of strength, longevity, and flexibility, specialized plastics are likely to become more and more utilized in the industry.

Flood Detection Systems

Installing a flood protection system in your home can potentially save thousands in repair bills. Leaks can go on for weeks undetected and, by the time discoloration or dampness is noticed in your ceiling or floor, the money and time needed to fix everything will easily exceed the cost of installing a Flood Protection System.

With moisture sensors at possible flood points in your home (toilet, water heater, sinks, and sensitive joints in your home’s plumbing), a small leak can trigger a sensor that will shut the water off to your home and inform you where the leak is occurring. After a call to Art Plumbing, AC, and Electric and some time spent repairing the issue, the water is back and life goes on!

Instant Hot Water Dispensers

If the idea of brewing a cup of tea or coffee as easily and quickly you would pour a glass of water appeals to you, investing in an instant hot water dispenser is worth it.

Conveniently installed by the sink next to your regular faucet, an instant hot water dispenser is a sleek and beautiful asset to your kitchen’s utilities. Aside from saving you time waiting for your pot to steep or cup to heat, an instant hot water dispenser will also conserve water and energy. It does this by eliminating the moments waiting for the cold water to clear the line by heating water at the source of its use.

But its applications don’t stop at drinks.

Preheated water will boil faster, dishes will clean easier, and food will thaw with greater urgency.

Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Nobody likes waiting for minutes on end for the shower to rise to an acceptable level of heat. A Hot Water Recirculating System can make those awkward, vulnerable moments pawing at the water a thing of the past. By making hot water instantly available at water sources in your home, you not only save time but a considerable amount of water—as much as 11,000 gallons annually!

Tradition tempts us all, and usually with the best of intentions. But for your home’s value, safety, and the comfort of you and your family, look towards the future. Upgrade your plumbing equipment and technology and let the troubles of the past stay where they belong.


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