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Waterlogged Lawn

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Watering Your Lawn – Watering your lawn can be an inconvenience, it takes time and effort that most busy people don’t have. Bad watering habits can create a dying lawn due to lack of water or you may find yourself overwatering and creating a waterlogged lawn. Overwatering your lawn can cause just as much damage as under watering; it will drown the roots of your grass and make your lawn more vulnerable to insect damage and disease. Lawn sprinklers make the job easier and can help you have a beautiful lawn.

Problems with a Waterlogged Lawn – Your lawn is an ecosystem, an ecosystem which is kept alive by the light coming from the sun and the water coming from your lawn sprinklers. Too much or too little of either affects the balance of the ecosystem creating problems with your lawn. One of the key aspects of a healthy lawn is the thatch which lies beneath it. Thatch is made of living and dead organic matter, but mostly the dead parts of the lawn. Thatch provides a cushion for the grass to grow on and it helps the grass resist excess heat and drought.

Yet if the thatch starts to build up it can lead to an invasion of pests and fungus. The reason for thatch build up is not always the same, but waterlogging is a major one. Microbes live in the thatch and they break it down to useful components which the lawn can then reuse, but if the lawn is overwatered, these microbes can’t survive, and so thatch starts to build up. Large amounts of thatch can actually restrict the lawns access to water, meaning lawns need even more water.

Along with the physical problems of thatch, wet thatch is the perfect breeding ground for insects and weeds to thrive in. Insects like to breed in moist thatch, which means by over watering you have suddenly created many young hungry insects gnawing on your lawns roots, stems and leaves. Insects such as spittlebugs and mole crickets can mean severe damage to your lawn if not properly handled.

Another problem with an over watered lawn is fungi. Just like insects and weeds, fungi love the moist environment created by waterlogged thatch. Fungi are incredibly dangerous, because they can quickly kill parts of your lawn, which can cause scarring however, fungi are easily manageable, if you water correctly.

Making you and your Lawn Happy – To avoid problems with your lawn without the hassle of constantly having to remember to water it, then you need to consider installing automatic lawn sprinklers. Automatic lawn sprinklers fix two issues – you are normally not at home when it’s the best time for you to water your lawn and they monitor how much water to give your lawn. An automatic sprinkler system is able to control the amount of water that is delivered to your lawn, and it can be tailored to suit the size of your property and the needs of your specific type of grass. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric we provide the highest quality of lawn sprinkler system maintenance and installation. Give us a call today and we will help you get your lawn looking green and beautiful again.


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