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Don’t Neglect Lawn Sprinklers Over The Rainy Season

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With the summer rainy season in full swing, we at Art Plumbing in Coral Springs are here to tell you that if you want to avoid future lawn sprinkler repair, don’t neglect your lawn sprinklers over the rainy season. That’s right, we know just how easy it is to forget about your sprinkler system during the summer and to leave the lawn to the natural irrigation of the rain. However, overlooking your sprinkler system for a few months not only risks the overwatering of your lawn by disregarding your winter sprinkler schedule, but could also land up costing “future you” unnecessary lawn sprinkler repair fees.

By following a few simple tips and paying attention to your sprinkler system during the summer you will save water as well as lawn sprinkler repair costs. One way of doing this is by monitoring how much water your lawn receives as opposed to how much it needs by using a cup test. To keep your lawn in top condition Florida soil generally requires around ½ to ¾ inch of water per day. Simply place straight-sided cups around your lawn and turn your sprinklers on for 15 minutes. Once the time is up gather the cups and measure the average amount of water collected in each cup. Once you have this average you can work out how long it will then take to water your lawn so that it receives approximately ½ to ¾ inch of water per day. Once you have worked out your water requirements call your lawn sprinkler specialist – like Art Plumbing – to test, adjust and set your time clock, pump system, and sprinkler head coverage to suit the summer rainfall months.

Alternatively you can also look at investing in a rain sensor. Basically this little gadget works through determining the amount of rain that has fallen and if it is enough to trigger a skip in your irrigation cycle. With a rain sensor in place all you have to worry about is ensuring that your sprinklers don’t get damaged through the summer months through general neglect.

The easiest way of keeping on top of lawn sprinkler repair and maintenance is to contact a licensed and insured lawn sprinkler specialist, such as Art Plumbing. We guarantee the very best in Coral Springs lawn sprinkler maintenance as we check for any potential leaks and broken sprinkler heads and lines. We also clean and adjust your sprinkler heads and zone valves keep and make sure that your lawn sprinkler system operates at peak efficiency so that you are saving money and doing your part to help conserve our most valuable resource.


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