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Is Pipe Relining Effective?

Pipe Relining
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Pipe relining is an innovative and new plumbing technique that is becoming increasingly popular for pipe replacement. This method has proved to be more time-efficient, environment-friendly, safer, and more cost-effective when compared to older pipeline replacement methods.

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is an environment-friendly and minimally invasive method that lets professionals replace or repair damaged or old drain and sewer pipelines. It works by putting an epoxy felt tube inside a pipe, letting it inflate and fully harden. This allows it to construct a brand new inside lining that lays inside the damaged or old pipelines.

The Art Process Of Pipe Lining

The licensed plumbing technicians at Art Rooter, Sewer and Drain Cleaning have years of experience rehabilitating and replacing damaged sewer and drain pipelines. Their pipe relining method is a comprehensive four-step process:

1. Comprehensive Inspection Video

Before any relining can start, a high-definition inspection video of the pipes will be conducted. This allows problems such as cracks, blockages, and tree root invasions to be identified.

2. Clearing The Pipelines

The next step in the process is to clear the pipelines, during this step, all pipes are cautiously cleared and cleaned by hydro jetting or snaking lines. Hydro jetting is the method that uses pressurized high-powered water to remove debris and blockages within the pipelines and preps the pipes for relining.

3. Relining Your Pipes

Once the pipelines are clean and cleared, the process of relining can start. Felt liner is measured out and trimmed to match the dimensions of your pipe that are being relined. The epoxy-saturated felt is placed in the pipe using either the PIP Method or the Inversion Method. Next, they inflate the piping inside the epoxy liner, this takes the same shape and size as the pipe. After it is dry, there is a newly relined pipe in the same area.


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