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Is A Plumber A Good Career Choice?

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Whether you are renovating an existing building or building your first home, one of the key people you will consult with, is a plumbing technician. Many people are under the false impression that plumbers only come out to fix leaking toilets and blocked drains, but plumbing technicians are highly skilled, certified, and licensed technicians that work on all aspects of plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, in a variety of buildings.

Are you mechanically minded, love working with a variety of people, and want to study and work in the trade industry? A career as a plumbing technician may be ideal for you.

What Do Plumbing Technicians Do?

Plumbing technicians are licensed and qualified to work on the complex plumbing systems of both residential and commercial buildings. Their primary responsibility is to maintain the flow of water and the drainage of waste products, through the plumbing system. They do this by being qualified to:

Install, And Maintain Various Plumbing Components

Being familiar with, and adhering to the Florida Building Code, plumbing technicians have the knowledge and skill to install, maintain, and perform pressure tests on all components of the plumbing system including:

  • Plumbing pipes and water supply
  • Drains
  • Gas systems
  • Plumbing fixtures such as water softeners, water heaters, showers, tubs, toilets, and sinks.
  • Household appliances like dishwashers, garbage disposals, and washing machines.

Diagnose And Repair Plumbing Faults

Plumbing faults often constitute an emergency call-out. Plumbers can:

  • Determine the cause of blockages in pipes or drains and unblock them.
  • Diagnose and repair faulty household plumbing appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Repair faulty water heaters and water softeners.

The Qualities Of A Good Plumbing Technician

All qualified plumbers have the knowledge and skill to perform the task required, but certain physical and personality traits are required to succeed in this profession. These traits include:

  • Physical strength – the work is often physically taxing.
  • Being a critical thinker and problem solver. A good plumber has the patience to trace faults in the complex plumbing system and use their initiative to solve them.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills. Plumbing technicians interact with clients, supervisors, suppliers, and project managers daily.
  • Honesty and punctuality. Plumbers often work at clients’ premises when they are not present. They must respect the client’s time (especially if they have given a time and cost estimate) and belongings.
  • Safety conscious. Plumbers need to pay attention to detail, be meticulous, and always have safety foremost on their minds.
  • Mechanical inclination. Plumbing technicians must know how to use, repair, and maintain various tools, including power tools.
  • To accurately calculate cost estimates, plumbers need to have specific math skills.

The Advantages Of Choosing A Career In Plumbing

Most plumbing technicians agree that although any career has its pros and cons, there are many advantages to choosing a career in plumbing including:

Job Security

Plumbing technician services are always in demand. Studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that by 2028, the demand for plumbing technicians will increase by 14%. In these difficult times, one of the largest advantages of choosing plumbing as a career is job security.

No Student Debt

Plumbing apprentices earn a salary while they study. The salary increases with seniority, making it one of the few professions where the student graduates with minimal/no student debt.

Plumbing Cannot Be Automated

Plumbing is a licensed and regulated trade. Although plumbing techniques and equipment have evolved and will continue to do so, the profession will never be solely run by computers/machinery.

New Challenges Every Day

Plumbing technicians face new challenges and work on a variety of systems. Their jobs may vary between:

  • Troubleshooting and repairing faulty plumbing systems.
  • Install plumbing systems in a variety of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Plumbing inspection and maintenance.
  • Working on large, complex plumbing systems (city-wide systems)
  • Developing new plumbing techniques.

Social Interaction

Plumbers do not work in isolation but come in contact with various people daily. People that plumbers may interact with daily include:

  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Other contractors
  • Project managers

Opportunity For Growth And Development

A career in plumbing is a life skill with opportunities for growth and development. With determination and skill, this career can be taken to a master’s level, working on large-scale complexes and innovative projects, or becoming a self-employed business owner.

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