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How to Become a Plumber

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If you think that being a plumber is just about fixing leaking taps and burst pipes, then you’re wrong. Plumbing is about technical expertise, it’s about working in a team, it’s about being sensitive to client needs and being passionate about client service. If we didn’t have to tell you all that, then perhaps being a plumber is your purpose in life!

What to expect

One of the greatest advantages of being a plumber is that each day is likely to present a new challenge to face and a new problem to solve. While some plumbing problems are more common than others, those who work in the industry tend to find that they never stop learning, and that there is always room for skills development.

A few things remain common for all plumbers, though:

  • If you want to be a plumbing technician, it’s important that you enjoy working with your hands. Much of your work will be practical, and you need to be comfortable with getting your hands dirty (sometimes literally!)
  • You also need to be able to adapt to a variety of working environments. Much of the time, you will be working in a different client’s home each day, so being at ease in unfamiliar spaces is important. As for your working conditions, be prepared to work in cramped spaces – you want to be as comfortable under a kitchen sink as you would be in your office chair!
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you need to be committed to excellent client service. This means being prepared to visit clients’ homes after hours, being polite and professional while working in a client’s home, and being friendly and understanding towards clients at all times. It also means having exceptional communication skills, and being able to convey to clients in simple terms exactly what is wrong and how it is that you’re going to fix it.

Skill, set, go!

When it comes to the technical side of things, certain skills are a must. While the practical duties of plumbers involve interpreting building plans and water supply layouts, installing pipes and fixtures, choosing and using the correct plumbing tools, identifying leaks and performing routine tests, and estimating the time and cost of a job, there are a number of specific skills without which these practical responsibilities cannot be carried out. Good problem-solving and analytical skills, decisiveness, time and stress management, physical stamina, interpersonal skills, and being willing to collaborate and work in a team are all vital skills to have. While these attributes can be developed through experience, the potential must be there when you start out.

Being a plumber at Art sets you apart

Your experience of being a plumber will depend heavily on where you work. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we pride ourselves on being a family–oriented business that treats our plumbers as our greatest asset. With us, not only will you have greater employment security, but you will be challenged and stimulated, your skills development will be prioritized, and by working with plumbers of world-class excellence, you’ll be learning from the best. Our plumbers love coming to work each day because of the friendly, supportive working environment we create. Whether it’s career growth, stability, better employee benefits or simply a better work-life balance you’re looking for, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric could be the place for you. Why wait to work for the best? Apply online now and be ready to take your plumbing career to new heights.


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