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Get Flood Protection With Water Cop Anti-Flood Systems

flood protection
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Flood protection is an important consideration that must be taken by any cautious and responsible homeowner. The effects of flooding can be utterly devastating, with subsequent damage and repair costs coming at a hefty price too. Luckily, flood protection systems such as the WaterCop exist to save you the pain and inconvenience flooding in your home may bring.

What is WaterCop Flood Protection and How Does it Work?

The WaterCop is an automatic water shut-off system developed by the manufacturer DynaQuip. The WaterCop is a smart valve that is installed on the main incoming water line in your home (near the manual shut-off valve) and communicates with water and temperature sensors to protect your home from water damage and floods. When the WaterCop senses a flood threat by detecting leaking water, it automatically shuts off the water supply by sending a wireless signal that turns off the valve at the main line. This flood protection system has the ability to support an unlimited number of sensors up to a transmission range of 200 feet, meaning you can place as many around your appliances, sinks, switches etc. as you want for complete peace of mind. The Watercop is compatible with most house and security automation systems, making your home even smarter! Just several ounces of water are needed to activate the device, making the WaterCop a highly sensitive and reliable flood protection measure to install, stopping leaks before they have disastrous effects when the sensors are properly positioned and regularly checked.

Furthermore, your WaterCop flood protection system can be installed with convenient additions such as a wall switch with an easily accessible button for the main water control, freeze sensors to prevent damage from frozen pipes, and extenders to increase sensor range.

Installing a flood protection system can save you thousands in repair costs and prevent the loss of irreplaceable valuables. Claims related to faulty plumbing are of the most common that home insurance companies deal with and installing a WaterCop flood protection system may qualify you for insurance savings, such as credits and discounts. As a system that operates 24/7, the WaterCop will always be on the clock so you can rest assured that your home is protected from plumbing-related flooding whether you are home or away.

Flood protection systems are ideal for all buildings that have running water. Whether you’re in a single home, apartment block, office building, vacation home or student accommodation, a WaterCop automatic water shut-off system is definitely worth investing in.

Call to Install
In order to comply with local building regulations and codes, WaterCop flood protection systems should be fitted by plumbing professionals. Once installed, it is important to carry out regular checks of the system and sensors’ batteries to ensure that your home is always fully protected from flooding threats.

If you are looking to improve your level of flood protection, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric are the right plumbing professionals for you! We install WaterCop flood protection systems and can work with you to protect your home from floods.


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