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Everyone has clogged drains from time to time because of the build-up of organic waste products such as grease and hair. Hardware stores offer a wide range of chemical, caustic based drain cleaners, which are very harmful for the environment, your skin and your drain system. These commercial products actually cause damage to the pipes because they are so strong and toxic. To overcome clogged drains and having to replacing your drainage system every few years, you can use an alternative type of drain cleaner made up of natural materials. BioClean is a good example of such a product.

This product is made up of enzymes and bacteria, which are then mixed with water to be able to coat the entire surface of the interior of the drain pipes. The bacteria take about an hour to start eating the organic waste that has built up and created the clogged drain. These bacteria start multiplying the more they digest, thus making this method much more efficient than using chemical drain cleaners. BioClean not only saves your drainage system and the environment but also saves you money. Buying one tub of BioClean is the equivalent to buying about one hundred bottles of harsh chemical drain cleaners because the bacteria multiply so fast.

Spreading throughout your drainage system, the bacteria can then flow freely into waste water systems without any ecological concerns. This product is not genetically engineered and completely biodegradable, leaving you with no chemical waste that could seep into your garden, underground water supplies or evaporate into the air. Even though it may take a little longer, biological cleaners are most definitely more efficient at their job. Biological drain cleaners also have the benefit of being safe for all types of pipes and drains. The bacteria only attack and eat organic waste, leaving the plastic and metal pipes intact so that they don’t have to be replaced that often.

You should avoid caustic drain cleaners where possible because they are toxic and often contain caustic compounds such as sulphuric acid which make them dangerous to come into contact with. They do not break down the waste that has clogged your drain but instead try to split it and move it further down the line. This method is not one that will work in the long term, leaving your pipes in bad condition due to the large number of harsh chemicals used. Biological cleaners make for a much healthier environment for the producers, the users, the drain and the earth. Contact Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric if you are having an issue with your clogged drains or to place an order for some BioClean.


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