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Weirdest Things Found in Clogged Drains

Drain Cleaning
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Blocked and clogged drains can be frustrating – rest assured, Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning will be able to help – no matter what weird things are causing the clog, we have seen and fixed them all. Plumbers are astonished by the bizarre things that they sometimes find in drains during the job, especially the size of some of these items.

From food waste and personal objects to sanitary items. People who have experienced the powerful clogging abilities of some of these items quickly realize that none of these should be disposed of down the drain. Professional plumbers find these items on occasion, and at times they find some items that are even more daunting and beg the question of how it ended up in the drainage system in the first place. Here we list the weirdest items that have been found in clogged drains.

  1. False teeth: this item is actually quite a common find by drain cleaners and plumbers alike, but nobody knows for sure how dentures end up in drains and sewers. Therefore, it’s best to make sure your false teeth are properly secured when in use or as far away from your toilet as possible when being cleaned and stored.
  2. Toys: from Ben 10 figurines to beloved teddy bears, all kinds of toys have been found to be the culprit in a clogged drain. The reason for this can be simple: if you have toddlers in the house they could be dropping their toys down the toilet for fun. If you find yourself in this situation then try having a stern talking to with your children about what can be flushed and what can’t.
  3. Clothing: all types of clothing have been reported to have been found in drains; underwear, socks, tops, jeans, and jackets. This is another mystery that is yet to be solved.
  4. Animals: there have been reports from plumbers that an array of small animals have been found to be clogging up drains. Cats, turtles and snakes are some of the most common animals that have been found. While goldfish are often flushed down the toilet bowl, you might be wondering how on earth a cat could end up in the same place. This is yet another drainage mystery.
  5. Cellphones: according to drain cleaners and perplexed plumbers there are tons of mobile phones that are found in drains. Other electronic devices that have been discovered flushed down the drains include iPods, batteries, and even pagers.

It is safe to say that all of the above mentioned items are strange to find in drains. The common question asked is how it ends up there in the first place. Although we can’t solve this mystery, we can offer tips on how to prevent your drains from becoming clogged. Make sure to keep these strange items out of your drains and away from your toilets, this will prevent drain damage and clogging. Rather dump unwanted items in the trash, don’t resort to flushing them. Or if you really cannot put down your phone before entering the bathroom, make sure that you have Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning’s phone number on hand.

Accidents will occur and if you find yourself in a situation where your child has flushed his favorite teddy down the drain then don’t feel embarrassed; our plumbers are professional and will work efficiently to clean and unclog your drains. Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning will provide a quick response to your call, providing you with a reliable service professional who will fix your problem correctly the first time at a guaranteed price that you’ll know up-front.

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