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Does Water Usage and Conservation Really Matter?

water usage and conservation
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It’s easy to think that water is everywhere, and that it isn’t going anywhere. After all, you use it every day: for drinking, cooking, keeping the lawn refreshed, showering, and laundry. You just turn the faucet, and out it comes. However, when it comes to water usage and conservation efforts, nothing could be further from the truth.

But this is part of the problem. Contrary to popular opinion, water is actually a limited resource. In fact, despite being surrounded by water, only 1% of it is suitable for consumption. The rest of it is saltwater, frozen in the ice caps, or contaminated. And of the 1% that is safe to use, not everyone in the world has equal access to it.

So what can you do to reduce your water consumption and help make it more accessible to everyone? Read on, for starters…

Water Connects Us All

We all have our differences, but we have one crucial thing in common: we all need water to survive. And the future of our clean water supply comes down to our actions. The way we treat water in our own communities can affect people in other places around the world.

One important aspect of water conservation is watersheds. A watershed is an area of land that collects drainage from streams and other small water bodies, along with rainfall. It looks like a bay or a reservoir. The water that is collected here is what we use for personal use, as well as industries, irrigation, and more.

Watersheds are one of the biggest ways to replace the water that we use, but it’s not the only solution. To learn more about how your city collects, treats, and uses water, contact your local governing officials. Ask about their long-term plan to keep water clean and accessible for everyone in the area.

What You Can Do

Your actions can and do have a direct impact on the environment. Here are some tips to help monitor your water usage, and make some lifestyle changes where needed:

  • Test Your Pipes for Leaks

    This is one of the most preventable ways to avoid wasting water. Make sure to inspect your pipes regularly and call a professional plumber right away if you notice any problems.

  • Take Shorter Showers

    We know, we know: long, hot showers are one of life’s greatest pleasures. But the fact remains that doing so uses a lot of water! If you can’t quit this luxury, consider reducing the number of times per week you take them. Even cutting out one or two can make a difference.

  • Chart Your Chores

    How often do you use your sprinkler system, wash your car, or do laundry? Keeping a schedule of these chores can help you restrict your usage, or evaluate how often you need to do these tasks in the first place. Some clothing items, such as jeans, can be worn several times before they need to be washed. Other items may just need to be spot-cleaned with a Tide pen and a cloth.

  • Carry A Reusable Bottle

    Reusable water bottles are great for the environment, as they help keep wasteful plastic bottles out of landfills. While the picture on these bottles may depict a refreshing spring that resembles what you’d see in the Alps, the truth is that much of the water that companies use in their bottles is actually tap water! So, if you’re going to drink water (as you should), you might as well save your money and drink from your own tap. You will also keep money out of the pocket of wealthy CEOs who buy up water sources in underdeveloped countries to keep producing their product.

  • Collect Your Own Rainwater

    Start your own watershed of sorts by collecting rainwater in a large bucket. Use this to water your plants instead of the hose, as much as possible.

Water Usage, Conservation, and More In South Florida

As you learned above, leaky pipes are one of the most common ways that water gets wasted. Prevent this from happening in your home with regular plumbing inspection from Art Plumbing, AC & Electric. We also offer a variety of services for cooling, electricity, and more. Call us today at 1-800-475-1504 to schedule an appointment.


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