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Common Toilet Issues And What to Do

toilet issues
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The toilet is an essential part of the plumbing system and of the home – it’s issues can equally play a big part in your life. Here’s a list of the most common toilet issues experienced by people in the US and what you should do about them. If you identify with one of these problems, don’t hesitate to call a licensed and insured plumber today.

Issues With Toilet Flushing

This can refer to a toilet that flushes slowly, does not flush effectively, or that does not flush at all. Issues with a flushing toilet left untreated can lead to stagnant water creating a health hazard, bad odors, and increase the chance of more serious blockages occurring. There are several issues that can cause a weak flush:

  1. An Old Toilet

    some older toilet models can result in flushing issues because they cannot yield a high-performance flush with their design or were not designed to work with the piping and plumbing of modern homes. Contacting a licensed plumber to replace an old toilet is the best fix for this issue.

  2. Blocked Rim Holes/Syphon Jet

    This refers to the flushing holes located just underneath the rim of the bowl of toilet. It is common for these holes to become blocked with hard water deposits over time. These can often be cleaned with wooden sticks or other hard bristle tools. You may also consider calling in a plumber to do a muriatic acid wash to ensure the best cleaning and unblocking.

  3. Faulty Flapper

    A waterlogged or loose flapper or flapper valve could also result in an incomplete or ineffective flush. If you suspect that this may be the case, a replacement flapper is the answer. This is a quick installment that can be done by your local professional plumber.

Issues With Toilet Refilling

  1. Automatic Refilling

    If you have heard your toilet refilling without having flushed recently, that may be an indicator that you have a ‘phantom flusher’. This refers to a small leak from the tank into the toilet bowl that results in it needing to be refilled. This is as a result of a worn out or poorly installed flapper. A replacement flapper is the best plan.

  2. Constant Refilling

    A toilet that is constantly running can waste gallons of water in a day – increasing your water bill and reducing the energy efficiency of your home and taxing side effects. This can be caused by several parts. Check that your flapper is connected properly, that the fill valve is functional and not damaged and the tank water level to help locate the problem. Don’t hesitate to call in a licensed plumber to inspect and replace damaged parts as this will save water, money and future damage to your toilet.

Issues With Toilet Leaks

  1. Low Levels in The Toilet Bowl

    If you have ever noticed that after a flush, too much water has left the toilet bowl? This is caused commonly by a partial blockage in the toilet system that leads to syphoning of water out of the bowl, or more rarely by a crack in the interior piping of the bowl. Although the former can be dealt with relatively easily, the latter requires a full replacement of the toilet bowl for adequate functioning.

  2. Base Leaks

    if your toilet is unsteady or wobbly or frequently has a puddle of water around the base, you have a problem with the wax ring sealing usually at the base of the toilet. This should be fixed as soon as possible and you should refrain from using your toilet until after it is fixed. You should call in a licensed plumber as they may have to remove the toilet entirely to properly address and repair the leak.

  3. Various Leaks

    There are at least 5 additional seals on your toilet that are designed to prevent leaks: between the tank and the bowl, mounting bolts and the base of the flapper. If you are having issues with leaks and are unsure of where it is coming from, attempt to tighten the bolts.

Whether you’re having issues with flushing, refilling or leaks, you can always count on Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric for professional, quality and reliable service – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your routine repairs, maintenance, installation or emergency needs.


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