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Benefits Of Hydro Excavation Tunneling

hydro excavation tunneling
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The nature of plumbing is that it’s hidden. No one wants to see all those pipes and sewers, and so they’re buried under ground. But when it comes to blocked or broken pipes, this becomes a challenge. Accessing pipes underground can cause a mess and doesn’t come cheap. This is where hydro excavation tunneling can save you time and money. Here’s a look at the benefits of this convenient procedure.

What Is Hydro Excavation Tunneling?

Hydro Excavation tunneling is a minimally invasive way to access your underground plumbing. It’s perfect for reaching cracked piping under slabs. The hydro tunneling system is housed in a truck. Your plumber will use a hose and a combination of air pressure and water. High pressured water is aimed above the cracked pipe to remove hard soil. The soil softens and turns into mud, which is then removed to reveal the underlying plumbing. Once the repair has been made, the hydro truck refills the ground with compacted soil. The hydro excavation process is a great alternative to conventional excavation.

The Benefits Of Hydro Excavation Tunneling

This non-invasive plumbing procedure comes with some great benefits. Here’s why you should consider this treatment for your broken pipes.


Hydro Excavation Tunneling doesn’t require heavy earth-moving machinery. No noisy jackhammers or drills, just pressurized water. This means that less infrastructure is uplifted to reach your plumbing issue. It’s estimated that 75% of construction industry damage is caused by shovel strikes. Think about your foundations, your beautiful landscaping, or your outside decking. Hydro tunneling targets the immediate area that needs attention. Its clean water jet won’t disrupt your surroundings.

Hydro Tunneling Is Quick

Once the hydro tunneling equipment is in place, the plumbing team gets to work. The high-pressure water quickly softens the ground to access the affected area. Within no time, the team can get to work repairing your cracked pipes.

It’s Precise

The hydro-jet shoots a narrow stream of high-pressure water into the soil. Conventional heavy machinery leads to a larger affected area. It’s harder to be precise with shovels and jackhammers. The narrow stream can target the immediate area. This means that your ground restoration is easier as there is a smaller ground area to restore. If you’re worried about how it may affect your lawn, why don’t you get a trusted plumber to do a full assessment?


Hydro excavation tunneling requires a smaller work crew, which reduces labor costs. Less excavation equipment is required, which brings down the tooling costs. And best of all, hydro tunneling is fast, and this results in a shorter site visit time. All these factors lead to reduced costs for you as the client.

Hydro Tunneling Is Safe

Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to reach the plumbing site. There is no heavy machinery that the work team needs to use. Heavy machinery is a leading cause of on-site injuries. So by eliminating this, the plumbing team can work safely.

Friendly On The Environment

Conventional methods such as soil excavation and blasting can be damaging to the environment. They create large volumes of harmful dust particles, which compromise the surrounding air quality. Hydro Tunneling doesn’t make use of any harmful chemicals or diesel-powered equipment. It’s also quieter than machinery, which means far less noise pollution. And this means happy neighbors! Do you get energized by caring for the environment? Then pipelining is another environmentally friendly plumbing procedure to look at.

Hydro Excavation Tunneling In South Florida

The plumbing team at Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning offers a full hydro excavation Tunneling service. Their team of experienced plumbers can see to any plumbing job, no matter the size. If you’re in Broward, Palm Beach, or Miami-Dade County, call Art Rooter, Sewer & Drain Cleaning at 1-833-470-2880.


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