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Bathroom Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Bathroom Plumbing
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Ever wondered how you can keep your bathroom plumbing in top shape? There are some great and easy ways to keep your bathroom plumbing clean and looking smart. Check out these bathroom plumbing tips and tricks

Say Goodbye to Mold and Mildew 

Mold grows in moisture filled areas and can easily invade your bathroom space. It’s therefore important to eliminate any excess moisture from your bathroom. Making use of a squeegee to clean your shower walls or your bath after use can quickly eliminate excess moisture. This will literally take you a few minutes and will show noticeable results over time. 

Mold often grows around your tile grout lines, so sealing these grout lines annually will help to waterproof the grout lines which will keep away mold. Another great way to eliminate mold and mildew is to get a bathroom extractor fan installed. This helps to quickly extract the moisture from your bathroom. It’s also good to check for bathroom leaks on a regular basis. Leaks don’t only come from faucets or shower heads but can also appear around your bath or shower area. Hidden plumbing leaks can easily seep through the grouting of your bathroom floor. This moisture will attract mold over time and so it’s best to get any leaks sorted out quickly

Regular Caulking 

Any gaps between different materials requires a sealant of some kind. Caulking needs to be applied around tubs, showers and vanities. When caulking begins to wear away, water damage can easily occur. It’s important to get caulked areas checked regularly. There are different kinds of caulking which are designed for different areas of your home. Make sure you remove and apply caulking using the correct techniques.

Hard Water Treatment 

Hard water is a common problem and can result in limescale buildup. A water softener system helps to remove the metals and hard minerals from your water which prevents this buildup. Typical water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions from your water and add sodium ions which help to soften the water. A water softener system can easily be installed in your home to help soften your water. They are generally installed at the point where the water enters your home so that all of your water coming in is treated to prevent limescale build up in your entire house. There are different water softener systems which apply different methods to soften the water. If you are considering installing a water softener in your home then contact us to discuss how Art’s Pure Water Systems electronic control value can help soften your water.

Keep Your Drains Clean 

Blocked drains can be regular occurrence’s in bathrooms. There’s nothing worse that standing in dirty murky water after you’ve taken your shower in the morning. Regular drain cleaning and maintenance should be done by a professional drain cleaning service. You can easily damage your drain by using the incorrect chemicals or devices. At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we make use of hydro-jetting technology and rooters to clear our blockages. We can also detect and fix any other potential problems in your drainage system

Prevent Leaky Faucets 

Over time, small leaks might show up in one or more of your bathroom faucets. You may not even notice the leak at first, but with time, they tend to get worse. What starts as a sporadic drip can grow into a constant drip or leak. These leaks are mostly due to faucet seals and rings, or seat washers that perish with time. Make sure you get these replaced in order to fix the leak quickly

These tips and tricks will go a long way to prevent bigger problems over time. Although they may seem small, they are important to keeping on top of your bathrooms plumbing.


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