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Plumbing, AC & Electric Tips

October 24, 2022

Benefits Of Using A Commercial Plumbing Services Company

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re a business owner, one of your top priorities should be to make sure your customers are taken care of. That includes making sure the facilities in your commercial building are in working order. Did you know that there is a difference between residential…

October 21, 2022

Why Should I Hire A Plumber To Install My Bathtub?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Installing a bathtub is not easy, even for the most skilled DIY-ers. The plumbing alone can be challenging to get right, it involves installing pipes in confined spaces and making sure they are leak-proof. Whether upgrading your existing bathroom or building a new one from…

October 18, 2022

A Day In The Life Of An Electrician

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2022, when electricity is a vital part of our life, we cannot fathom life without it. Imagine having to live by candlelight once the sun sets, and not having any electrical appliances like washing machines or dishwashers to make our lives easier. When the…

October 14, 2022

What To Do When You Discover A Pipe Cracked

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cracked or broken pipes cause several issues in your home. The main problems cracked pipes cause include water damage, contamination, flooding, and blockages, they can also increase your monthly utilities bill due to water wastage. Cracks in plumbing pipes can happen at any point during…

October 11, 2022

What Causes Sewer Line Stoppages?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dealing with any household plumbing issue does not rank high on the priority list for most. Especially if everything is in working condition. The problem comes along when you ignore the tell-tale signs of an impending problem. Sewer line stoppages can cause a lot of…

October 05, 2022

What’s The Best Temperature To Set Your Thermostat?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Summer heat in South Florida can be a scorcher. It’s not uncommon to reach feel temperatures between 105 and 110 degrees. Even with a cool ocean breeze, the heat and humidity can be enough to make you want to stay inside. Keeping your home comfortable…

October 04, 2022

Is A Plumber A Good Career Choice?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether you are renovating an existing building or building your first home, one of the key people you will consult with, is a plumbing technician. Many people are under the false impression that plumbers only come out to fix leaking toilets and blocked drains, but…

September 30, 2022

Considering A Career As An HVAC Technician?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you motivated to start your career path as soon as possible, but the traditional path of college and student debt does not appeal to you? If you are technically inclined and have a passion for the trade industry, then an HVAC technician may be…

September 27, 2022

What Are The Different Backfilling Methods?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many people ask what backfilling is, especially if they need construction work completed on their home or business. Without backfilling, many construction projects would not be undertaken, and issues would arise with pipeline and cable infrastructure. In this article, we discuss what backfilling is and…

September 23, 2022

What Is The Average Lifespan Of New Piping?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In all honesty, there isn’t a sure-fire way to know exactly how long your plumbing pipes will last. It depends on a variety of factors such as age, construction methods, and even materials used.  If you moved into an older home, chances are your pipes…

September 21, 2022

Signs That My Electrical Panel Needs Replacing

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to electricity and electrical circuits, safety is crucial. Studies show that electrical faults are the third leading cause of home fires in the United States and that the most common electrical hazard in buildings, is an outdated electrical panel. When called out…

September 20, 2022

Can A Career In Plumbing Give Me Job Satisfaction?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anyone who’s ever had a plumbing problem knows it can be a real pain. From leaky faucets to clogged drains, plumbing issues can be major nuisances. Fortunately, some people have made it their job to fix plumbing problems, and they love doing it, too! But…