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Outdoor Specialty Lighting For Your Home Or Office

Outdoor Specialty Lighting
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Having the right lighting can make all the difference in the appearance of your home, the security of your business, and how safe customers feel when walking through parking lots. Here are a few ways to take advantage of specialty lighting to highlight your landscaping, architectural features, and add a sense of security.

The Best Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting is recommended for landscaping; it’s safe and inexpensive to install, unlike higher voltage lighting. A subtle glow that mimics the effect of moonlight beaming down on trees and shrubbery can create a soft, minimal effect that is aesthetically pleasing.

The following types of specialty lighting and accessories are the most popular for artistic-looking landscape light:

  • Transformers: 12 volts are the recommended usage.
  • Bulbs: Choose from a variety of colors, levels of brightness, and width of the beams.
  • Fixtures: These fixtures protect the bulbs inside while also shaping the light beams.
  • Stakes: You’ll need these to hold your light fixtures in place.
  • Cables: You can use these devices for under lighting trees, aiming lights at different parts of your hard or home, or creating the effect of post-sunset lighting.

The Best Security Lighting

Dark houses are popular in horror movies for a reason – they can be scary! Especially if there are potential burglars lurking in the area; dark houses and yards are ripe for sneaking in undetected. But security lighting for both your home and your business can decrease the risk of criminal activity. Whether you choose battery-operated lights with timers or specialty lighting that turns on when movement is detected, the right lights can help keep your family and valuables safe.

Here are a few popular security lights to choose from:

  • Flood Lights. These work best when detecting movement and can turn on if anyone is lurking in the bushes or driveway.
  • Walled-in Timers. These lights are scheduled to turn on and off, giving the illusion that you are home even if you aren’t.
  • LED Lighting. These lights can stay on all night, using a minimal amount of electricity to cut costs on your electric bill.

Parking Lot Lighting

Many businesses stay open long after the sun goes down. But the amount of business may depend on how safe customers feel in the area surrounding the store. From movie theaters to restaurants, bright lighting helps people feel more welcomed and help reduce the potential for crime. Here are a few popular options for outdoor parking lot lighting:

  • Canopy Lights. These energy-efficient lights are most ideal for parking garages. They don’t extend too far when mounted on the ceiling and are also easy to install.
  • Wall Pack Lights. Ideal for ceilings, pillars, walls, and both the interior and exterior of ramps in parking garages.
  • Wall Sconces. A more stylish option, these lights are meant to be seen and admired. They’re ideal for elevators and staircases, adding a complementary amount of light without straining the eyes.

Specialty Lighting From Expert Electricians

Some specialty lights are simple to install on your own, but others are more complex and require the help of trained electricians. There are also many of options available, and maybe you’re conflicted about which type is best for the needs of your home or business. Whatever you need, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric is here to help. One of South Florida’s most trusted electricians since 1983, we also specialize in heating, cooling, plumbing, and more. Call us today at 1-800-475-1504.


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