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What is Lighting Maintenance and Why Do I Need It?

lighting maintenance
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Lighting can make or break a space – it is the difference between a warm, inviting ambience, and a cold, clinical atmosphere. Lighting maintenance is the upkeep, replacement, and updating of a lighting system. It is a necessity and can change the overall functioning of a lighting system – helping to sustain the value of your lighting system.

When considering lighting maintenance, you have to ask yourself the question: what should come first? Knowing and understanding priorities is essential in getting the maximum results out of any maintenance program.

Ways to Maintain Your Lighting System?

  1. Cleaning

    You should clean dust off the fixtures, lamps and lenses annually. In order for lamps and lighting fixtures to perform optimally, they should be kept clean. The surfaces that receive the light such as the walls and ceilings should also be kept clean. When cleaning light fixtures and light bulbs, it is best to use cotton cloth that is moist and soft or vacuum cleaners that are low-powered. You should also never clean an incandescent light bulb when it is turned on, because a damp cloth can shatter the hot bulb.

  2. Replacement

    When bulbs break, they should obviously be replaced, but besides this, it is good to change your light bulbs when the brightness of the light deteriorates. Many light bulbs lose more than a third of their shine over just a few years. If lenses appear yellow, then replace them. Replacing lights and fixtures is an essential part of lighting system maintenance. There are two types of replacement: spot and group replacement. Spot replacement is replacing lamps as they burn out, and is the most commonly used technique in traditional maintenance programs. Group replacement is replacing a set of lamps all at once. Replacing all the lights in a lighting system simultaneous can save labor and keep illumination high.

Why do I need Lighting Maintenance?

Lighting maintenance is essential as it ensures your lighting system works optimally which eliminates spending costs on inefficient systems and problems. Constantly fixing faults instead of maintaining your lighting system results in spending more money due to inefficiency. Therefore, maintenance results in reduced lighting costs. Neglecting your lighting maintenance can result in increased energy costs, a lower rate of worker productivity and a deterioration of one’s eyesight. Therefore, lighting maintenance should not be neglected or overlooked. Contact us today to speak to one of our lighting specialists.

Lighting maintenance may be something that you have given very little thought, or something that may not have crossed your mind at all, but as you can see, the importance of maintaining your lighting system cannot be overlooked. A well maintained lighting system is essential to ensure reduced energy use and cost-savings.


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