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Light Sensors For Home Exterior Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most important factors in the making of a home – not only do they set the atmosphere indoors, but exterior lighting also acts as a security feature during the night. Of course, lights consume electricity in order to function, which can be costly to you and to the environment. However, there are ways of reducing their power consumption, while still receiving the benefit of having light when needed. Motion sensor lights are one way of maintaining security around your property, but with a fraction of the utility bill! Light sensors are also great to install when wanting to save on electricity. Find out more about how Art Plumbing AC & Electric can help you with your home’s exterior lighting.

Light Sensors For Exterior Lighting

Light sensors are electronic devices that detect light. This means that during daylight hours, your exterior lights will not need to be activated, and will automatically turn off when light is detected (and vice-versa: they will automatically turn on during the night time). Installing light sensors will reduce your utility bill as electricity will no longer be wasted during the day when electric light is not needed! Now you won’t need to remember to turn your lights on and off at the appropriate times; rather it will be done automatically for you! There are also other kinds of light sensors; for example: motion sensor lights.

What Are Motion Sensor Lights?

A motion sensor light sits on the exterior walls of you home, and automatically lights up when motion is detected. These lights are great for your garage, or the dark part of your yard – the motion senor light will light up these areas and you will be able to see your surroundings. How do they work? Motion detectors pick up infrared waves emitted from moving objects – objects radiating warmth that cross the detectors field of vision such as people, animals, or cars, will cause the lights to turn on. The light can stay on for an amount of time that you can preselect. The light will then turn off when motion is no longer detected, after that amount of time. In addition, the lights can be deactivated during the day thanks to a photocell (a light sensor).

Where To Put Motion Sensor Lights?

It is best to position motion sensor exterior lights so that they will cover the walkways in your yard – especially those towards the front and back doors, as well as the driveway. This means that there will automatically be light when you return home at night, making you feel safer. Other places to install them is near patios and swimming pools to help prevent hazards. If you are wanting specifically to improve security, it would be a good idea to place motion sensor lights in all the access points of your property such as gates, patio doors, dark areas of the garden, and even around trees and bushes. Although lighting cannot guarantee security, it definitely does discourage intruders because they do not have the dark to hide them!

Why Call In A Professional?

At Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric, we can help you with all your exterior lighting needs! Not only will you start saving on electricity usage, but you can add additional security to your home. Let us select the most effective positions around your property and install lighting with professionalism and skill.
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