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Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Landscape Lighting Ideas
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In South Florida, we are lucky to have many warm evenings that are perfect for spending quality time with friends and family. What better way to light up these occasions, or any other evening at home, than with landscape lighting for your outdoor space?

What Is Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

We all know how important indoor lighting is, but sometimes we overlook the value of outdoor lighting. It can have practical uses or be purely decorative, or even better – be both! Security outdoor lighting services are becoming increasingly essential as crime becomes more of a problem. Motion sensory lights, which turn on when they detect movement, might be your best option when it comes to functional outdoor security lighting.

Landscape lighting creates ambiance and adds a certain beauty to your outdoor area. We should make the most of our balmy South Florida evenings by creating a space for the whole family, as well as friends, in which to spend hours relaxing and having fun. Your backyard might already resemble an exotic island paradise, with tropical plants like ferns and palm trees. But landscape lighting can take your yard to the next level. Speaking of palms, let’s dive into our lighting ideas for your outdoor space!

Landscape Lighting Tips And Tricks

Your options are endless when it comes to lighting up your outdoor space. Our licensed electricians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric will gladly give you advice on everything you can do to light up your backyard. Below, we list some of our favorite lighting ideas.

  • Highlight The Natural Beauty

    Outdoor lights can be strategically placed to light up plants in your backyard. A beautiful palm looks even more impressive with lighting installed to vibrantly light up any greenery. Your plants shouldn’t just shine in the daytime and guests should be able to admire them day or night. Just as we might choose a colorful tie, or a shiny necklace as statement pieces to our outfits, lighting up a few plants can do the same job by having their own time to shine, as well as improving the overall appearance of the yard.

  • Fairy Lights

    You can’t go wrong with some fairy lights. They are energy-efficient, easy to manage, pretty, and you can get creative with them. Strings of fairy lights can be wrapped around trees or pillars and they come in different colors for you to decorate your space as you please. These delicate little lights add a magical ambiance to your yard.

  • Outdoor Rope Lights

    These lights can have similar uses as fairy lights, but rope lights, or tube lights, are generally hardier and weatherproof. Clear and flexible plastic tubing covers incandescent or LED lights. Outdoor entertainment rope lighting is the perfect way to light up your deck area by stringing them around handrails or overhead beams. They can also be wrapped around tree trunks or branches. Rope lights can run along the edge of a pathway or driveway to line and illuminate the route in a gentle but effective glow. Similar to fairy lights, rope lights are versatile, practical and visually pleasing!

Whether it’s a small family dinner or a large BBQ with friends, you’ll want your space to shine. Landscape lighting offers essential decorative and functional aspects to your outdoor area. Enhance your space with these lighting ideas. Our licensed electricians at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric will install any lights and ensure that all work is done safely, efficiently, and in accordance with your area’s building regulations and codes. Once your lighting has been installed, we advise you to get regular lighting maintenance, whether it is for your indoor or your outdoor lighting systems. Cleaning, replacing and repairing any lighting components increase the lifespan and the value of your lights.


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