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Indoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Indoor Lighting
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Lighting is often an overlooked aspect of a home’s interior design until you realize your home lighting isn’t as beneficial as it should be. Your indoor lighting could be too bright, too dark, or just too sporadic without ever adding value to your home.

With a few adjustments and styling tips, your lighting will be able to bring your home to the next level. It’s time to bring your home to life with these lighting solutions. Take these ideas and make them your own. Then contact a local electrician to help create your perfect lighting system.

Types Of Indoor Lighting

There are three main types of indoor lighting: overhead, accent, and task lighting. Many light fixtures fall into several of these categories, but every kind of lighting has its purpose.

The first type is overhead lighting. This will be your recessed lighting, ceiling fixtures, track lighting, and even chandeliers. This type of lighting is meant to brighten the majority of the room from above. It’s the primary way to light a large part of the room without taking any wall or floor space.

They’re a necessary aspect of any room’s lighting fixtures. Some people stop at overhead lighting, assuming that the room is complete, but this is a mistake. You’ll want to add in some fixtures from the next two categories to complete the room.

The second type is accent lighting. You can utilize these fixtures to highlight the room’s art or features that would typically go unnoticed. This category also includes table lamps, wall-mounted fixtures, and even candles; any lighting as long as it will add style or ambiance to the space.

Finally, the most beneficial lights are the task lights. These are the lights that do the work you assume the overhead lighting will do. Overhead lighting can’t do everything, but strategically placed task lights can work wonders.

Reading, cooking, and under-cabinet lighting are all task lights that you can really benefit from during your daily tasks. You’ll never know how much you needed them until they add so much value to your life.

How To Style Your Lighting

Choosing the right lights for your indoor lighting is only half the battle. Once you determine what types of light you need, you then have to select the style. Layering the different types and mixing different styles will give your home some much-needed depth.

You should also pay attention to where your windows are located. Rooms without much direct sunlight will require more planning and lighting than rooms with constant light throughout the day. Florida is typically very sunny, but that doesn’t mean the sun comes through all your windows equally.

For a high-quality look, aim to contrast the light in the middle and the light around the edges of the room. The darker areas in between are important; without them, the room gets boring. If you fill every inch of the space with light, it will become flat and uninteresting.

The only exception to this rule is the lighting in the kitchen. Since you’re doing so much more work and prepping in that room, lighting is more important than anywhere else. Any dark areas will only make it difficult for you to work. Save the ambiance for the living areas.

Indoor Lighting Tips And Tricks

Every light in your home should have a dimmer switch. It will give you more control over the lighting and the mood. They also help you save money on your electric bill while extending the life of your light bulbs.

The light bulbs you use can also make a difference. LEDs give off a much different color light than a standard light bulb. Make sure you have the color and type of light you want for the room.

You don’t want to have too much overhead lighting. While it’s good for general lighting, it’ll never be the only lighting you need. At the very least, you’ll still need task lighting in any work or sitting areas of your home.

Change Up Your Home’s Lighting Today

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