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Consider Updating Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting
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Bathrooms are an incredibly underrated space in your home but are probably one of the most important. It is a room where you start and finish your day, which is why creating a perfect atmosphere is imperative. Whether you’ve just bought a new home or looking to modernize your old space, careful lighting considerations need to be made. By adding new lights or simply updating old ones, you can change the whole atmosphere of your bathroom.

Bathroom Needs

Before making any changes to your bathroom lighting, you need to think about the times of day that you use your bathroom, the location of windows, the natural light levels these bring in and if there are any obstructions to that light, such as trees.


Big or small, lighting from multiple sources will always enhance your bathroom design. This combination of sources allows for a bathroom suited to all needs. It provides practical lighting for day-to-day tasks and low-level light and illumination at night.

For a successful multiple light source design, you need to consider adding:

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used around areas of the bathroom that need good visibility, such as mirrors and basins. Good task lighting should minimize eye strain and maximize precision when applying make-up or shaving.


Perfect lighting to create the perfect atmosphere, these lights are typically placed around the sides of a bathroom. In addition to providing a comfortable level of brightness, they can be used to enhance features like statement wallpaper or a towel radiator.

Feature Lighting

While adding to the atmosphere, feature lighting highlights the design details of your bathroom. Whether it’s through LED strips in niches, under wall mounted units or bath panels, this lighting option draws a person’s eye to a particular area.

Night Lights

Night lights are perfect for families with small children or people with mobility issues. Presence detectors allow these lights to be switched on automatically when someone enters the bathroom at night. Using a low-level light to create a floor wash, or an LED strip under the bath panel provides enough light for the person, without waking any others.


If you’re not completely sold on adding new lighting to your bathroom, fear not because we have the perfect substitutions for you!

Updated Vanity Fixtures

Traditionally, vanity fixtures consisted of three or four bulbs above the mirror. Often fitted with its own switch, this design created plenty of light but left unflattering lines on your face. Today, vanity fixtures typically consist of two wall sconces, one on either side of the mirror. This design provides the same level of light but without the unflattering lines by generating light from two different angles. This symmetrical design also creates a sense of balance within your bathroom.

Bulb Temperatures

The color temperature of your bulbs contributes to how effective your lighting is. Essentially mimicking daylight, a bathroom should be bright and cool. If your bulbs are too warm and appear too yellow, you should consider replacing them with brighter, ‘cooler’ light bulbs.

Before choosing your cooler light bulbs, you should also take a look at their color rendering index (CRI). A bulbs CRI tells you how well a bulb shows the full-color spectrum.

Lighting Controls

You may walk into your bathroom, flip the switch and be bombarded with every single light in the room turning on. While having all your lights connected to one switch may be fine in the morning, it’s not conducive to your relaxing baths in the evening. By adding more controls and dimmers in your bathroom, you can make its lighting more versatile. The more controls, the easier it is to create the perfect atmosphere by setting the lights to the exact level you want.

Bathroom Lighting Installers In South Florida

Starting and ending your day on the right note has a ripple effect on your mood for the rest of your day or evening. Let our expert team at Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric in Coral Springs update your bathroom lighting to make sure that every day starts out a good day. Wire you waiting? Call us today at 1-800-475-1504!


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